Which Vegetable Has The Most Vitamins

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Which Vegetable Has The Most Vitamins
Which Vegetable Has The Most Vitamins

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Vitamins, in particular those contained in vegetables and fruits, provide a person with a beautiful appearance and good health. However, all gifts of the earth have different amounts of nutrients.

Which vegetable has the most vitamins
Which vegetable has the most vitamins

Most of the vitamins are stored in fresh vegetables. Heat treatment reduces the usefulness of a product. Stewing, boiling and frying are especially detrimental. At the same time, such methods as quick freezing or sourdough preserve most of the vitamins in an undisturbed form, preserving a valuable reserve until the next harvest.

Record holders among vegetables

Many cultivated plants contain from five or more vitamins and microelements in their composition. There are vegetables that contain in one hundred grams the daily requirement of one or another vitamin that is useful for humans. The top five leaders include:

- Bulgarian pepper;

- Brussels sprouts;

- carrot;

- green pea;

- broccoli.

Bell peppers are better than lemon

The sweet-spicy juicy vegetable is the champion in the content of vitamin C in its pulp, which, together with a complex of trace elements, promotes blood thinning and prevents blood clots. 100 grams of the product contains the daily dose of the vitamin. It is higher than in lemon or currant. It also contains vitamin A. Bell peppers are an invaluable source of B vitamins.

Brussels sprouts for health promotion

Cabbage, like pepper, contains a lot of ascorbic acid, as well as riboflavin, vitamin E, fiber and protein. In a small amount, it contains salts of iodine, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, as well as amino acids. The complex of vitamins from Brussels sprouts increases the tone and strengthens the body, normalizes the work of the heart.

Carrots for good vision

The secret of beauty, longevity and excellent vision is contained in ordinary carrots. It contains a huge amount of carotene, which in the human body is transformed into vitamin A. It also contains vitamins E, D, C and B. Boiled carrots are healthier than raw carrots, since the amount of healing compounds increases after a short cooking …

Green peas for beauty of skin and hair

Peas do not contain one vitamin in high concentration, but the number of useful compounds breaks records. It contains beauty vitamins H, E, P, A and B. Peas are famous for their high content of antioxidants, which have a magical effect on the beauty of skin and hair.

Broccoli to cleanse the whole body

Broccoli is very good at freeing the body due to its high fiber content. A large amount of vitamins A and C in combination with PP, E, K and trace elements contribute to the elimination of cholesterol and toxins.

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