The Effect Of Soda On The Body

The Effect Of Soda On The Body
The Effect Of Soda On The Body

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The soda diet has recently been gaining more and more popularity among women. A simple and affordable diet reveals the secrets of how to use baking soda to lose weight. But let's see how safe this technique is for health.

The effect of soda on the body
The effect of soda on the body

The author of the recommendations for the use of soda in order to lose weight is unknown. But human psychology was clearly not alien to him. After all, not for the first decade women have been waging an irreconcilable war with overweight, and not only big money, but also health rush to the altars. And this is with a completely affordable alternative to excluding harmful products from the menu and simple physical training. Most people want to lose weight suddenly and permanently without any unnecessary effort, and soda, in their opinion, is the best means to an end.

Why do people drink soda

Among all other means of weight control, sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) has a number of undeniable advantages:

- low cost

- wide use

- Chemical properties

The last point should be considered in more detail.

Soda, when consumed inside, shifts the acid-base balance in the body to the alkaline side. As a result of the contact of soda and gastric juice, a violent reaction occurs, as a result of which the aggressiveness of hydrochloric acid decreases and the absorption of fats slows down. This aspect is indicated by the sources suggesting the use of soda for weight loss. Only the authors of these ideas are often silent about the pitfalls of this method of losing weight.

How does soda affect the body

Surely everyone knows that soda diluted in water relieves heartburn. Everything is very simple only at first glance. Doctors do not approve of such violence against the body. To understand them, you just need to remember where soda got the most distribution. This is of course cooking and uses baking soda as a baking powder.

Using the example of a violent reaction with the release of gas and foam, which occurs when soda is added to water acidified with vinegar, one can imagine what happens in the stomach after drinking a soda cocktail. Naturally, the acidity decreases, but as a result, the delicate mucous membrane lining the stomach suffers.

Regular use of sodium bicarbonate solution leads to bleeding ulcers on the walls of the stomach. Due to a slowdown in metabolic processes, lipid metabolism is disrupted. And also useful substances necessary for the work of all systems and organs are not absorbed by the body.

"Acid rebound" is a well-known medical term. Drinking soda solution for weight loss will inevitably have to face this phenomenon. The constant extinguishing of gastric juice with alkali becomes a signal for the body to produce an increased level of acid. He does not understand that the hostess is doing this in order to lose weight.

The use of soda in medicine

- for sore throat for gargling

- for respiratory tract infections for steam inhalation

- for treating wounds as an antiseptic

- as a neutralizer for acid burns of the skin

- for resuscitation measures in metabolic acidosis

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