Why Do You Want Sweets All The Time?

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Why Do You Want Sweets All The Time?
Why Do You Want Sweets All The Time?

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Addiction to sweets is often just a bad habit formed by lack of will. But if life is unthinkable without cakes and sweets, this is already a pathological addiction - akin to a drug addiction. Due to the excessive amount of sweets, you can not only get fat, but also imperceptibly "earn" hypertension, diabetes. What are the causes of sugar lust?

Sweet cravings can be a sign of a variety of health problems
Sweet cravings can be a sign of a variety of health problems

Power supply errors

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates give you a feeling of fullness. They are also a powerful fuel that supplies the body with energy. If there are few of them, there is a feeling of hunger, and the stomach requires a portion of food.

What satisfies hunger almost instantly? Sugar, no other product can compete with it. But it is worth using sweets one time, another, a habit is formed, and soon it is already difficult to resist them. Even when you are, in principle, not very hungry.

Therefore, nutritionists advise: try to never sacrifice lunch. After all, the body should receive the main supply of vital energy with food no later than 14-15 hours. Otherwise, when the level of glucose in the blood drops, he will look for options to quickly eliminate its deficiency.

Many victims of various carbohydrate-free diets become a sweet tooth. But it is all kinds of cereals, bread, vegetables that very well make up for the lack of carbohydrates that are so necessary for the body. And fruits are the best source of glucose, much healthier than cakes and sweets.

It is useless to forbid oneself to touch sweets - the law, as old as the world, works: the forbidden fruit is sweet. Taboos only fuel the desire to feast on the wonders of confectionery. Of course, you shouldn't give them up altogether. But in order not to become slaves to sweets, you should never eat them on an empty stomach.

Psychological reasons

With prolonged stress, prolonged overwork, depression, a person experiences a decline in vitality. The body looks for a source of energy and finds it most easily in glucose. In this case, sweets perform the functions of drugs: sedatives and antidepressant drugs. But once you get out of the oppressed state, the need for them sharply decreases.

Dependence on sweets can gradually develop even in people with inferiority complexes. It is necessary to increase self-esteem, gain self-confidence. It is important for a person to feel comfortable in society, because everyone wants to feel that they show interest, sympathy, that they love him.

Pathological disorders

There are people with heightened sensitivity to various substances. Among them are those whose body reacts rather painfully to a drop in blood glucose levels. Hypersensitivity to sugars is not a manifestation of weak will at all, but a genetic feature. And such people most often later develop obesity and diabetes.

In women with menopause, due to a deficiency of sex hormones, the production of insulin decreases. At the same time, mood worsens, migraines, insomnia, and fatigue appear. The body tries to compensate for the disorder by producing more serotonin, but the pleasure hormone only increases the need for sugars.

A persistent craving for sweets often appears when the thyroid gland is weakened - hypothyroidism. It is by no means out of place to visit an endocrinologist and check the level of hormones of this gland in the blood.

Another possible cause is candidiasis (thrush). Fungi love sugars and, when abundant, reproduce perfectly. It can also be assumed that craving for sweets is a signal of the presence in the body of various parasites, primarily worms.

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