What Stones Are Good For Women's Health

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What Stones Are Good For Women's Health
What Stones Are Good For Women's Health

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Since ancient times, stones have been considered a symbol of wealth, success and good health. They protected from evil, helped on the battlefield and promised a happy future. The natural power of stones helps in the fight against many ailments, protects and gives strength to their owners.

What stones are good for women's health
What stones are good for women's health


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Amber is called a sun stone due to its rich color. Jewelry with this stone should be in every woman's jewelry box. It is considered the best talisman for pregnant women, as it helps with toxicosis, hormonal imbalances, and also protects against miscarriage. Amber is irreplaceable for frequent headaches and insomnia. In these cases, it is kept under a pillow.

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Emerald - since ancient times was considered a female healer. Wearing a ring with an emerald helps with the prolapse of the uterus, as a bracelet - for inflamed ovaries, earrings - saves from migraines. In addition, emerald protects against nervous strain.

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Turquoise is popularly called the "lucky stone", and its main task is to surround the space with harmony. Turquoise is very beneficial for eye diseases. You just need to look at her for a few minutes a day. It helps with allergies, insomnia, rheumatism, and is involved in the normalization of the thyroid gland and liver. People believed that turquoise protects from the evil eye and brings a lot of offspring.

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Pomegranate is a versatile stone that helps remove toxins from the body, calm the nervous system and protect against throat ailments. It is recommended to wear pomegranate for pregnant women, as it contributes to an easy outcome of childbirth. Pomegranate is recommended for stress, fear and loss of energy.

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Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone with a beautiful blue color. Its peculiarity is that it expels kidney stones, heals the spine and joints. Lapis lazuli should be worn by those women who suffer from an irregular monthly cycle. It is rightfully considered the strongest amulet for pregnant women. It is best for expectant mothers to wear lapis lazuli on their wrist as a bracelet.

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Smoky quartz will become an assistant during periods of depression, obsessive thoughts, fears and apathy. Raises vitality, promotes the flow of strength and energy. To achieve the healing effect, it is best to wear smoky quartz around the neck. It goes well with lapis lazuli and provides double protection against negativity. Helps fight bad habits, is useful for those who are on a diet or trying to quit smoking.

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Aventurine is a stone that brings peace and peace of mind. Gives a feeling of happiness and joy of life. Helps in the fastest healing of wounds, protects against flu and colds. It is preferable to wear aventurine as a necklace around the neck or on the wrist.

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Heliotrope is an indispensable stone for every woman. Participates in the treatment of many gynecological problems, in particular, infertility. Will be an excellent talisman for those women who strive for career growth. Heliotrope is a contradictory stone, it helps only those who clearly know what they want and does not forgive doubts.

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