Ways To Lose Weight By 10 Kg Per Week

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Ways To Lose Weight By 10 Kg Per Week
Ways To Lose Weight By 10 Kg Per Week

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The vacation time will begin soon. But what if you do not like your reflection in the mirror, and your favorite swimsuit after winter does not fit at all. There are many diets for weight loss, but you need to understand that it is very difficult to lose ten kilos in a week.

Ways to lose weight by 10 kg per week
Ways to lose weight by 10 kg per week

Lose weight with a protein diet

This technique helps to lose weight by minimizing fat intake and reducing the calorie content of meals. A lot of protein enters the body, due to this, chemical processes that are important for weight loss are triggered there. But it is not recommended to sit on such a diet for more than a week - it can lead to dysfunction of the whole body!

So, your menu will look something like this:

  • Monday. Eat five boiled eggs during the day.
  • Tuesday. Divide the whole saltwater fish into several portions. You cannot fry it, boil it or steam it.
  • Wednesday. Small boiled breast during the day.
  • Thursday. Five boiled potatoes. You can't salt!
  • Friday. A pound of boiled beef without spices.
  • Saturday. Stock up on one and a half kilograms of unsweetened fruit - on the sixth day you cleanse your body.
  • Sunday. A pound of cottage cheese. Choose a medium fat product.

And, of course, do not forget about clean water, which you need to drink a day in the amount of two liters!

Losing weight on a buckwheat diet

On this diet, you can also lose ten kilograms in a week. Buckwheat is a healthy product. Moreover, it is satisfying, you do not have to starve. Eat buckwheat porridge in unlimited quantities per day, and also drink a liter of kefir and eat one fruit. Drink sugar-free tea.

By the way, do not cook buckwheat, but steam it for the whole night. It's very simple: pour a glass of cereal with two glasses of boiling water. You cannot add salt, but you can mix it with kefir.

Losing weight with a tough cabbage diet

This diet gives the same results, but not everyone can handle it. In order to lose extra pounds in a short time, you will have to limit your diet. The daily calorie content with a cabbage diet is 900 calories - no more! You can take different varieties of cabbage to at least diversify your menu.

So, have green tea for breakfast. For lunch, eat a cabbage salad with butter and lemon juice. A piece of lean fish is allowed. You can use lean cabbage soup instead of salad. For dinner, you will again have a salad, one unsweetened fruit and a quail egg. If hunger prevents you from falling asleep, you can drink some kefir.

Whichever diet you choose, check with your doctor first. And do not adhere to these diets for more than a week - there will be no benefit to the body!

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