Which Broom For A Bath Is Better To Buy: Advice From Experienced Bath Attendants

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Which Broom For A Bath Is Better To Buy: Advice From Experienced Bath Attendants
Which Broom For A Bath Is Better To Buy: Advice From Experienced Bath Attendants

It is difficult to imagine a real bath without the use of a broom. A Russian bathhouse loses its meaning without this accessory. There are many varieties of bath brooms. Experts in the bathing business claim that each of them has its own characteristics.

Which broom for a bath is better to buy: advice from experienced bath attendants
Which broom for a bath is better to buy: advice from experienced bath attendants

Birch broom for a bath

A birch broom is very soft and has excellent massage characteristics. It will help with aches and pains in the muscles, heal small abscesses and wounds. Also, such a broom will improve the condition of the skin - birch fights well against blackheads. It is also useful for former smokers, as its aroma cleans the lungs well.

Fir broom for a bath

The scent of a fir broom will help cleanse the nose and throat of germs. It will improve blood circulation and relieve stress. The fir broom has one drawback - it dries very quickly. For this reason, the needles fall off. That is why it is not recommended to procure and buy fir brooms for future use. Try to use a fresh fir broom. Do not be afraid, he will not be injected.

Experienced bath attendants advise not to soak a fir broom. It will be enough just to rinse it in cold water. So the fir will retain all the nutrients.

Oak broom for a bath

A broom made of oak branches is durable and slightly stiff. It absorbs sweat very well. Such a broom is useful for oily skin - it narrows enlarged pores, makes the skin matte and slightly dry. If you have skin problems, you won't find a better oak broom. In addition, oak leaves are rich in essential oils that help keep blood pressure normal.

Experienced bath attendants recommend soaking an oak broom for 20 minutes in cold water, then in hot water for 5-10 minutes before using an oak broom.

Broom from currant branches for a bath

A currant broom, although less durable than oak or birch, is very fragrant and good for the skin. If you want to have an aromatherapy session in the bath, pay attention to the currant broom, but you won't be able to whip it to your heart's content.

Linden broom for a bath

Linden brooms relieve headaches and kidney problems. They increase perspiration remarkably. Another feature of the linden broom is that it serves as an antipyretic agent.

Nettle broom for a bath

If the soul requires something unusual, then pay attention to the nettle broom. He is in high esteem among the most inveterate connoisseurs of the steam room, who know a lot about the bath. When using this broom, there is a slight tingling sensation, which some find even pleasant. After leaving the steam room, there will be no blisters and soreness on the skin. Nettle brooms are good for rheumatism, joint pain, radiculitis, to relieve nervous tension and reduce pressure.

Experienced bath attendants advise to wet it in boiling water before using a nettle broom. They need to bathe only after the body is thoroughly warmed up.

Bamboo broom for a bath

A bamboo broom is a real exotic bathhouse. They are great for healing massage both in the Russian bath and in the Finnish sauna. They stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle tension. You should start massage with this broom only when the body is sufficiently steamed. In this case, the broom itself does not need preliminary soaking.

Eucalyptus brooms for a bath

Before use, eucalyptus broom should be held in hot water for 1-1.5 hours. If you lean such a broom against your feet and face, the cold will immediately recede. It is also useful for pain in joints and muscles, neuralgia.

If you do not have a eucalyptus broom, experienced bath attendants advise you to take any other broom and soak it in water, to which a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil have been added.The effect of using such a broom will be no worse than that of a real one.

Mixed broom for a bath

You can choose a broom for yourself by mixing branches from several trees in it. Sauna connoisseurs love to make brooms from oak, birch and linden branches. They consider this combination to be the most optimal. You can also make a broom only from different types of conifers. For example, take branches of fir, pine and juniper.

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