How To Learn To Eat Little

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How To Learn To Eat Little
How To Learn To Eat Little

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The main problem on the path to weight loss is the reduction in the amount of food eaten daily. It is not easy for a person who is used to eating full plates of first, second and third courses to lose weight, even while sitting on the most effective diet.

How to learn to eat little
How to learn to eat little


Step 1

Remember the basic rule: for a person to be full, it is enough to eat a small portion of food, no more than 400 ml. Regardless of the type of food you eat (soup, side dish, salad, etc.), its amount should not exceed this indicator. Also, remember that the stomach is normally the size of your fist. Therefore, this is exactly the size of the portion of food on your plate.

Step 2

Do not consume more food at one time than will fit in one standard bowl. Prepare one plate of the required volume or several small ones, the total volume of which does not exceed 400 ml.

Step 3

Reduce the interval between meals to three hours, eat more often, but less.

Step 4

Normalize your diet, choose foods that best suit your lifestyle.

Step 5

Before each meal, regardless of the intended serving size, drink a glass of still water. The liquid will fill your stomach, making you feel fuller faster. Get yourself a special beautiful jug, every morning, pouring clean water into it, mentally tune in to reduce the volume of portions. Drink water from beautiful cups or transparent glasses, in small sips.

Step 6

Start each meal with an apple, which improves gastric secretion and partially fills the stomach, leaving less room for high-calorie foods. In addition, apples contain a lot of the fiber that the intestines need. For lunch, train yourself to replace half of the serving with a salad of fresh vegetables, such as cabbage and carrots.

Step 7

Do not sit at a table with delicious dishes for a long time. At the same time, get ready for each meal - dress festively, decorate the table. Eat slowly, in small portions, always in a good mood.

Step 8

Stop watching TV in the kitchen, because while watching an exciting program or movie, your hands will involuntarily reach for food, and your brain will not control this process.

Step 9

Add up the portion of the food you plan to eat. Do not take a supplement under any circumstances.

Step 10

After eating, immediately turn your attention to an exciting activity that will allow you to forget about the goodies left in the kitchen.

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