How To Choose A Pediatric Doctor

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How To Choose A Pediatric Doctor
How To Choose A Pediatric Doctor

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Choosing a good pediatrician is very important. A good pediatrician will see all the existing and potential problems of the child, will not prescribe unnecessary medications for him and will cure him as soon as possible.

How to choose a pediatric doctor
How to choose a pediatric doctor

It's not always about doctors

First of all, it is important to remember that no matter how good the doctor is, you know your child better. You see him every day, in contrast to the doctor, who only observes the child during the appointment. You always have more information, you can guess what caused this or that ailment. Therefore, do not be afraid to share your thoughts with your doctor, avoiding intrusiveness.

In addition to this, it is important to remember that you (and your partner) are solely responsible for keeping your child healthy. The doctor will cure the disease, but it is in your power to prevent it. Therefore, in a difficult or controversial situation, it is better to consult several specialists for advice so as not to harm the child.

Who will treat your child?

It is advisable to choose a doctor even before the birth of the child. To do this, ask for advice and guidance from colleagues, relatives or friends, especially those who have already had a child. It is advisable to come to the pediatrician for a consultation a few weeks before the birth of the child, and it is best to do this with a partner, since taking care of the child should not rest on you.

Do not rely only on the experience of acquaintances, be sure to go to consultations with all prospective candidates. After that, analyze your emotions, discuss them with your partner.

During the study visit, you can ask the doctor all important questions, talk about general topics, find out the schedule, discuss the conditions for calling in an emergency at home. During the conversation, you need to decide whether you can trust the doctor sitting in front of you with your child. It is also important to choose a pediatrician before childbirth because it is much easier when one doctor oversees the health and development of the child from the moment of birth.

It is very important to understand whether the doctor's approach to treatment in general and in particular is acceptable to you. Do you find his attitudes towards antibiotics, child care, religious beliefs influencing medical practice appropriate for you?

Remember if the doctor listened to you carefully, if he asked clarifying questions. Did he seem interested in what you told him. Did you like his office and equipment.

If you have serious conflicts with your doctor about your child's treatment, see other professionals.

If you are choosing a new pediatrician for an already born baby, appreciate the doctor's efforts to connect with him or her. Contact with a specialist will greatly simplify further visits to him. This is especially true for babies. Sometimes very young children are afraid of the doctor, as a result, problems with normal treatment may arise, especially if the doctor himself does not try to correct the situation in any way.

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