How To Get Rid Of High Acidity

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How To Get Rid Of High Acidity
How To Get Rid Of High Acidity

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High acidity occurs in people of any age and is more often caused by various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is quite possible to get rid of high acidity, but it is better to identify the cause and start treatment so as not to be afraid that it will rise again.

How to get rid of high acidity
How to get rid of high acidity


  • - diet;
  • - mineral water;
  • - soda;
  • - honey;
  • - digestive preparations.


Step 1

Above all, stick to your diet. This is not to say that you should starve yourself. Just do not eat fatty and too strong broths, especially mushroom and pork. Avoid salty and pickled foods, as well as onions, garlic, and spicy foods. Eliminate sweets from the diet, it is this that is the culprit of diabetes and provokes excessive acid production. Eat neutral foods that are steamed or airfiltered. Do not forget: if your acidity rises, then you should not drink alcohol at dinner. These restrictions on food can make significant adjustments to the work of the stomach.

Step 2

Often, with diseases of the pancreas, when there is not enough digestive enzymes, acidity rises. Try to drink digestive aids: Mezim, Cholenzym, Pancreatin or Festal. The drugs are harmless, so you can drink them without a doctor's prescription, but within reasonable limits. If heartburn or a burning sensation in your stomach stops bothering you, then the problem was poor digestion.

Step 3

Sometimes acid rises in gastritis, stomach ulcers, or even cancer. Therefore, go to a gastroenterologist and go through a full examination. There are a lot of medications that treat one or another digestive organ, so it makes no sense to take everything, it is much easier to know what exactly needs to be treated.

Step 4

Mineral water or soda (0.5 tsp per 100 ml of water) is suitable as an ambulance for the stomach. You can eat a tablespoon of honey and wash it down with cold water. There are also various drugs that quickly reduce acidity: Rennie, Gastal, Smecta, but they are not able to eliminate the problem, but only slightly smooth it out. If acidity continues to bother you for a long time, do not postpone your visit to the gastroenterologist until later.

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