Bad Smell, Or How To Get Rid Of Heavy Sweat?

Bad Smell, Or How To Get Rid Of Heavy Sweat?
Bad Smell, Or How To Get Rid Of Heavy Sweat?

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Summer is a real test for our body. But increased sweating causes a lot of troubles (smell, marks on clothes), although it is a natural process.

Bad smell, or how to get rid of heavy sweat?
Bad smell, or how to get rid of heavy sweat?

The main reason why sweat gets an unpleasant odor is the multiplication of microorganisms in it. For them, the moist environment in the armpit is considered an ideal breeding ground and vigorous activity. Increased sweat secretion can also be a symptom of a medical condition. Most often occurs when the cardiovascular system, the thyroid gland is disrupted, a few days before the onset of menstruation.

Effective methods to combat sweat odor

Baby soap is an economical and safe antiperspirant. To use, you must thoroughly wash your armpits, then rub the problem area with a damp bar of soap and let it dry completely. The resulting layer will eliminate unpleasant odors and wet marks on clothes.

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Daily wiping of the armpit area with a napkin soaked in them reduces sweating and eliminates unpleasant odors. This is due to the fact that acid contributes to the death of harmful bacteria, which cause the formation of odor.

Medicines. The most common and effective means are Teymurov's paste and Lassar's paste. They have an anti-inflammatory effect due to the content of salicylic acid and other substances.

Infrared sauna. Contributes to the normalization of many processes in the body. Specific radiation penetrates into the deep layers, restoring the work of the sweating glands. But in no case do not prescribe such treatment for yourself, since for some diseases and disorders, visiting the sauna is strictly prohibited.

Cold and hot shower. Daily water treatments with alternating temperatures will quickly bring your armpits back to normal. It is advisable to perform massage movements with a jet. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold to avoid overheating and overcooling the body.

Botuloxin. His injections will help you forget about wet armpits for a long time, since after the procedure the effect lasts for at least 6 months. This method is a bit painful and expensive.

Curettage. It is a surgical method for getting rid of sweat. Its action is based on the removal of sweat glands and nerve endings. As a rule, after 3-5 years, the procedure must be repeated, since the nerve endings tend to grow back. After the procedure, temporary complications such as hematoma and local bleeding are possible.

Of course, perspiration and lack of basic hygiene and excessive vegetation increase. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly remove hairs in the armpit area (razor, laser, depilatory cream, shugaring, etc.).

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