Cryotherapy - Cold Treatment

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Cryotherapy - Cold Treatment
Cryotherapy - Cold Treatment

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The impact of cold on the body in a limited amount can have a positive effect on well-being, human immunity. Therefore, in medicine and cosmetology, negative temperatures are actively used today to treat ailments. This direction of physiotherapeutic procedures is called cryotherapy, which can be translated as "cold treatment".

Cryotherapy - cold treatment
Cryotherapy - cold treatment

Our ancestors began to use swimming in an ice hole, ice baths, and snow rubbing back in antiquity. Cold helps put the body into a state of stress, which leads to improved blood circulation, metabolism and other positive phenomena. For the first time, negative temperatures were used to treat patients in Japan in the 1970s. The revolution in the world of medicine made it possible to get rid of rheumatism in 80% of patients who experienced the power of cryotherapy.

The essence and types of cryotherapy

Physiotherapy cryotherapy procedures are based on exposing the outer layer of the skin to negative temperatures in order to induce a response from the body without damaging the tissues. Cold treatment has an irritating effect on the central nervous system, which leads to shifts in the endocrine, circulatory and other systems.

Today, a distinction is made between general cryotherapy and local treatment with cold. For general exposure, cryosaunas are used, these are special chambers for treatment with cold gas or air. Temperatures can be as low as -180 degrees Celsius!

With cryotherapy, the effect is short-term, therefore, hypothermia does not occur in humans. The method allows you to cope with depression, constipation, autoimmune, nervous and other ailments.

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen

Low temperature shock therapy has a rejuvenating effect. Cryotherapy is also used to treat obesity; in one session, a person can lose up to 2000 kilocalories. The general condition of the skin, nails, hair, and well-being also improves.

There are several types of cryotherapy based on cold sources. Cooling can be done with cosmetic ice, ice water, mud cold applications, etc. Liquid nitrogen treatment is also popular - it is a non-toxic transparent liquid, colorless and odorless. Freezing is done by hardware or using a special applicator. The skin must be prepared before exposure.

Cryotherapy is often used in trichology, dermatology or cosmetology. For example, with the help of negative temperatures, you can get rid of cellulite, treatment of alopecia, rhinitis, psoriasis, acne, etc.

Before using cryotherapy as a method of treatment, it is necessary to consult a specialist - a therapist or cosmetologist. The procedures are contraindicated in pregnancy, acute respiratory infections, the presence of chronic, cardiovascular diseases, individual intolerance, open wounds.

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