Cryosauna As A Medical Procedure

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Cryosauna As A Medical Procedure
Cryosauna As A Medical Procedure

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Cryosauna is one of the physiotherapy procedures. During it, the patient is exposed to ultra-low temperature refrigerated gas. Usually it is liquid nitrogen (or nitrogen in combination with oxygen) with a temperature of minus 130-140 ° C.

Cryosauna as a medical procedure
Cryosauna as a medical procedure

How is cryotherapy performed

In the process of cryotherapy, only the surface layers of the skin are exposed. The cooling process is carried out for a minimum amount of time: for fifteen seconds, the gas temperature in the cryosauna booth around the body drops to minus 130-140 ° C and for one to three minutes it remains at a given level. During cryotherapy, the patient is under the supervision of a nurse. After the correct procedure, the body should acquire a red tint, and a blush should appear on the face. Ten minutes later, a pleasant warmth spreads through the body. If there are no such sensations, therefore, there are defects in the operation of the cryosauna booth, and there will be no benefit from subsequent procedures. Cryosauna is a very pleasant experience, especially in the summer heat. To achieve a lasting result, you need to go through ten to fifteen procedures. Cryotherapy is performed every other day.

For the procedure, you need to consult a doctor, make a cardiogram and perform blood and urine tests. Then the doctor will prescribe the required number of cryotherapy procedures and determine their duration.

Therapeutic effect of cryosauna, contraindications to cryotherapy

Usually, after the third procedure, a significant improvement in well-being appears, sleep is normalized, depression goes away, various pain sensations pass, vigor and energy appear. Cryotherapy stimulates the effective functioning of internal organs, improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes.

Cryotherapy is effective in the presence of skin problems - eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, oily seborrhea, gneiss. It is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the joints and the spine, for diseases of the respiratory system, the digestive system, in the presence of various pain syndromes, in violation of the nervous system, in violation of erection in men, disorders of the female reproductive system.

Cryosauna will be useful for relieving conditions after operations and serious illnesses, for improving the body during planned pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, stroke, liver and kidney disease.

Cryotherapy should not be performed at high temperatures, with malignant neoplasms, any inflammatory diseases in the acute stage, with severe hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, blood diseases, with colds with an acute form, with chronic forms of infections, a tendency to thrombosis.

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