How To Treat Chills

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How To Treat Chills
How To Treat Chills

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Chills are a natural reaction of the body to an infectious process. It appears during the prodromal period and the rise in temperature. There are many ways to deal with chills.

How to treat chills
How to treat chills


  • - paracetamol tablets or syrup (ampoules);
  • - Nise tablets or syrup;
  • - raspberries;
  • - Linden;
  • - cowberry,;
  • - lemon (citric acid;
  • - vinegar;
  • - vitamin complex.


Step 1

Drink more fluids (sour drink) as soon as you feel the first signs of discomfort - chills and weakness. Drinking plenty of fluids and rest are the best helpers in the beginning. You can prepare a decoction of linden flowers (filter bag for a glass of boiling water), add lemon juice or citric acid to it. Ensure adequate fluid intake and stay in bed. Bed rest and intake of vitamin complexes are required.

Step 2

Take a hot foot bath if you feel chills (after hypothermia) for 10-15 minutes. After the bath, brew linden or raspberries. You can take tea with the addition of raspberry jam. Put on woolen socks on your feet and stay in bed. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking a vitamin complex will help you cope with a cold faster.

Step 3

Brew lingonberry leaves, the herb has a diuretic effect and removes all excess from the body. Drink plenty of fluids (about 1.5 - 2 liters per day). If the body temperature rises above 38.5, then you can take paracetamol or Nise (1 tablet or syrup). Monitor your body temperature. If treatment is ineffective, call a doctor.

Step 4

Rub the area of ​​large vessels (elbow, groin, right hypochondrium, popliteal fossa) with an antipyretic solution and consult a doctor for advice.

Step 5

Avoid taking alcohol and alcohol-containing substances, since when it enters the bloodstream, alcohol dilates the blood vessels, you may feel a deterioration (the feeling of chills increases, dizziness appears) and cause a sharp decrease in pressure, up to fainting.

Step 6

Use a combination of treatments, such as linden blossom decoction, hot foot baths, and multivitamin supplements. Rub with vinegar solution if necessary. Comprehensive treatment is always more effective.

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