How To Maintain Weight Without Stress

How To Maintain Weight Without Stress
How To Maintain Weight Without Stress

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There are many methods of weight loss: counting calories, separate meals, intermittent fasting … But what to do when the scales show the cherished numbers? Will you really need to count calories and think over food combinations all your life? In fact, it's enough just to instill in yourself a few simple habits!

How to maintain weight without stress
How to maintain weight without stress
  • Eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions. Long breaks between meals slow down your metabolism.
  • Drink plenty of clean, still water and green tea.
  • Try to cook one time and every time something new: a boring menu is a guarantee that you will not get bored with proper nutrition!
  • Get a kitchen scale and use it actively. There are foods that can be easily overdone. Take pasta, for example: your regular serving weighs a lot more than you think!
  • Try to cook with as little fat as possible. Baking paper will help you to avoid greasing the baking sheet, baking bags (meat and vegetables are cooked in their own juice), a good non-stick frying pan and a spray oil spray.
  • Use the minimum amount of salt. For example, it is not at all necessary to salt a salad, which contains olives and pickled cheeses (for example, "Greek").
  • Drink sugar-free tea and coffee. Discover the variety of herbal teas.
  • Be sure to have breakfast! Even if you get up at 5 in the morning and you don't feel like eating at all! Breakfast starts the metabolism, so let it be at least a piece of cheese and coffee.
  • You should always have vegetables at hand: let there always be, for example, a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the table.
  • Forget about store-bought baked goods and bake yourself. Of course, let private bakeries and signature pastry shops be an exception, but you can bake breakfast rolls yourself. Actively master baking from alternative types of flour, sweeten desserts with honey and unrefined sugar, use low-fat dairy products.
  • Learn to eat sweets very slowly, in small pieces. This way, you will have enough chocolate wedges for a cup of coffee instead of the usual half or quarter of the bar.
  • And, by the way, about chocolate: give preference to dark chocolate.
  • Make active use of kitchen appliances: they can be a great time saver and also contribute to the variety of dishes. There is a waffle iron - bake whole grain waffles, there is a bread maker - forget about a purchased loaf, cook your own, adding spicy herbs or dried fruits, seeds, bran to taste. Don't forget about the yogurt maker, indulge yourself and your homemade natural ice cream if you have an ice cream maker …
  • In coffee shops and restaurants, order dessert only after you finish your main course. Most likely, you will already have a feeling of satiety, and you simply will not want anything else!
  • If you don't like a product, you shouldn't include it in your menu, no matter how useful it is!
  • Do only the sport that you enjoy.
  • Walk! If the distance to the destination is less than 5 km, it is quite possible to reach it on foot.
  • Always read labels! In fact, many foods that are marketed as "dietary" are much more harmful and more caloric than usual!
  • Reduce serving sizes.
  • Eat for a long time: at least half an hour per meal. During a meal, put aside the fork, break for a conversation - this way you will get full faster.
  • Think over the menu in advance. Avoid the situation when you come home from work hungry as a wolf, and do not know what to eat.
  • Make soup without frying. Believe me, this will not affect the taste much!
  • Ignore the elevator and escalator, use the ladder as an accessible trainer! In public transport, do not sit, but stand.
  • Don't eat when you're nervous. Calm down first and only then sit down at the table. This will avoid the habit of "seizing" problems.
  • Replace mayonnaise with low-fat natural yogurt and mustard sauce.
  • Try to cook all the sauces at home.
  • Give preference to chicken kebab, and soon the pork will seem very fatty and tasteless to you!
  • Trim all visible fat off the meat.
  • Don't eat in company.

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