Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Taking Large Doses Of Laxatives

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Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Taking Large Doses Of Laxatives
Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Taking Large Doses Of Laxatives

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Laxatives are often used by women to lose weight. There are even special recipes for mixtures that need to be consumed in order to lose weight. But such methods are unsafe for the body and can turn into even bigger problems than being overweight.

Is it possible to lose weight by taking large doses of laxatives
Is it possible to lose weight by taking large doses of laxatives

How laxatives work

Taking laxatives accelerates the evacuation of contents from the intestines. This means that the food that is in the small intestine does not have time to be absorbed. But food is not only fat, carbohydrates and proteins, it is also vitamins and minerals. If the body can replenish the deficiency of fats and carbohydrates at the expense of reserves, then the lack of vitamins and microelements negatively affects health. Potassium is washed out especially actively when taking laxatives, which affects the work of the heart. The rhythm is disturbed, a person begins to feel a heartbeat, there are drops in blood pressure.

During the first week of taking laxatives, it is really possible to lose weight. But only due to the fact that the body gets rid of excess feces. Taking laxatives is recommended for 1-3 days before starting a serious diet or before entering a medical fast. This prevents the absorption of toxins from the intestines into the bloodstream and improves the absorption of vitamins. Long-term and regular use of laxatives contributes to the appearance of an abnormal digestive stereotype. The body gets used to getting rid of the food eaten, and even after the drug is discontinued, diarrhea is observed, since the intestines are no longer able to hold on to food.

The consequences of taking laxatives

Due to frequent bowel movements, the intestinal mucosa is injured, often such people are diagnosed with atrophic duodenitis and colitis. If you continue to take laxatives for more than 2 weeks, then the loss of excess weight will slow down, and after that the body will begin to rapidly gain weight. This happens because the state of hunger is the strongest stress for the body and a sign that it is necessary to "stock up". Brain cells, muscle cells and the entire body are starving, while fat cells deposit almost all calories in fat. Even after the abolition of laxatives, it is extremely difficult to restore correct eating behavior and metabolism. The body has a good memory and is preparing for the next "hunger strike". Therapeutic fasting, which should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor and for which it is necessary to prepare for a long time, does not apply to pathological fasting.

If in a normal state, defecation occurs once a day and is painless, then when taking large doses of laxatives, defecation becomes painful, frequent and uncontrolled.

When is it permissible to take laxatives for weight loss

Losing weight with laxatives is acceptable for healthy people who need to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. For example, before a special occasion, if the clothes bought in advance are a little tight. It is not recommended to resort to the help of laxatives more than once a year; it is better to replace it with foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber has a large volume, but low calorie content, it cleanses the intestines well and in a short period of time you can lose weight by several kilograms.

Laxatives should not be recommended for overweight and obese people. It is necessary to reduce the calorie content of food and engage in affordable sports. Severe physical activity can be dangerous, as it puts an increased strain on the heart and joints.

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