How To Develop A Knee After A Fracture

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How To Develop A Knee After A Fracture
How To Develop A Knee After A Fracture

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After a broken leg, one has to undergo long rehabilitation courses. Long-term wearing of plaster leads to a decrease in blood flow, weakening of muscles and joints, therefore, after removing the bandage, the limb has to be developed in order to return it to its previous mobility and strength.

How to develop a knee after a fracture
How to develop a knee after a fracture

How to properly develop a knee after a fracture

After removing the cast, one of the most difficult tasks is to restore elasticity to the muscles and improve blood flow. To do this, it is recommended to massage the knee daily, rub it using special ointments and gels. Do not squeeze the damaged area too hard so as not to aggravate the situation. If you are not sure if you can do a knee massage correctly, talk to your doctor and ask him to teach you how to perform this procedure. Physiotherapy procedures will also be very effective at this stage. It is advisable to be led by a professional.

The next step is simple exercise. Walking in place, bending and extending the leg will do. You can try walking without a cane. At the same time, you should not go far from home and develop a speed of more than 1-2 km / h, since excessive load can be very dangerous for a damaged leg.

Then you can try to do exercises on a stationary bike 3-4 times a week, choosing the simplest programs with a minimum load. Such exercises will help to gradually return muscle elasticity, strength and endurance. If you choose an exercise bike, remember that when you reach the bottom point, the leg must be fully extended - this is very important for effective knee development.

Next, you should move on to more complex options. We are talking about shallow squats, low jumps, as well as exercises on a stationary bike according to a complicated program with an additional load. The duration of the exercise can be increased over time.

We develop the knee: the main subtleties

It is important to remember that the return of muscle tone should be gradual. It is strictly not recommended to use physical exercise complexes immediately after removing the plaster and provide a strong load to the legs. It is important to check with your doctor to find the right time for your procedures. As a rule, it is recommended to start restoring tone 6-7 days after removing the cast. From the simplest options - massage and light exercises - you need to move on to more complex ones, but gradually. Haste in such matters is inappropriate.

It is not enough to simply work out the knee with massage and exercise therapy. It is also very important, after consulting your doctor, to choose the correct diet for the entire rehabilitation period. It is recommended not only to follow a special diet, but also to use vitamin and mineral complexes rich in calcium and phosphorus.

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