How To Bandage A Knee

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How To Bandage A Knee
How To Bandage A Knee

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You can injure your knee both when playing sports and doing something around the house or summer cottage. Knee wraps can help with sprains, ligament injuries, tendon and muscle sprains, and other injuries or abrasions. It is quite easy to understand that an injury is received, as a rule, such an injury is accompanied by sharp pain. It is imperative to fix the damaged joint with a bandage.

How to bandage a knee
How to bandage a knee


Bandage, safety pin, plaster, napkin, cotton-gauze pad


Step 1

You can understand that the knee is damaged by a number of signs: it is swollen and sore; unusual mobility is felt inside the knee; a crunch is heard; Feel tingling or numbness in the foot or toes movements are not stable. In these cases, cold, rest, elastic bandage and fixation of the leg in an elevated position are required.

Step 2

To reduce pain and prevent swelling of the limb, leave the knee at rest for 24 hours. On the first day, and if you need it even longer, apply ice to the joint for 20 minutes. To reduce swelling and provide support for the joint, a pressure band should be applied to the knee without being too tight.

Step 3

For knees, a 10 cm bandage works best. When wrapping, unwind the roll a little at a time, just a few centimeters at a time, this will help ensure even tension. The end of the bandage is applied to the skin and the roll must be held on top.

Step 4

Applying the bandage over the knee, the first full turn is made through the middle of the most convex part. If blood comes out of the wound, then it is necessary to apply a cotton-gauze pad or napkin, and such a bandage will help fix it.

Step 5

The next turn of the bandage is made slightly above the joint so as not to overlap the middle third of the first turn.

Step 6

The third turn of the bandage is done already below the middle of the joint, also without closing the middle third of the first turn. Next, the bandage is applied with a figure eight so that the turns are located above and below the knee. The bandage ends with a loop just above the joint, and the bandage is secured with a plaster or safety pin.

Step 7

To avoid further injury to the knee, simple requirements must be followed. Strengthen your leg muscles, the stronger they are, the less likely it is to be injured again. You can play sports such as cycling or swimming. Do not overweight. Until the knee is fully recovered, sports should be practiced only if the joint is bandaged; if the tumor reappears, it is better to leave the sport for a while. Choose flat shoes for sports activities on artificial turf.

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