Exercises For Arthrosis Of The Knee Joint

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Exercises For Arthrosis Of The Knee Joint
Exercises For Arthrosis Of The Knee Joint

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Any form of regeneration of the knee joints is a chronic, sluggish disease. With timely action, rather serious consequences and complications can be avoided. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of arthrosis, but the treatment is usually based on the use of different drugs and special exercises in all cases.

Knee arthrosis
Knee arthrosis

Knee arthrosis can develop for various reasons. Usually, experts recommend to undergo a certain course of drug treatment in a hospital setting. A course of ultrasound therapy, a variety of therapeutic muds, as well as exercises and massage sessions are prescribed without fail.

The main types of medical gymnastics

Currently, doctors advise using one of several common physical education techniques, each of which offers a set of specific exercises. These include traditional exercise therapy, gymnastics developed by Pavlov, yoga, as well as performing special exercises in the water.

One or another type of physical activity should be prescribed by a specialist, since there are certain contraindications. It is strongly discouraged to exercise during an acute exacerbation, with intense pain. For a start, inflammation is removed, then you can already start more or less active methods.

The main exercises of remedial gymnastics

Among the various techniques, the most common is the usual therapeutic and prophylactic exercise. It is based on the following effective exercises. In the supine position, bend the knee joints in turn. You can help a little with your hands, pressing your bent legs to your chest. In the same starting position, straight legs are alternately raised, strictly at an angle of 45 degrees. It is advisable to hold the leg in this position for about 5 seconds. An effective exercise "bicycle", the duration of which should be at least 3 minutes. The speed of rotation is selected strictly on an individual basis. In the prone position, the legs bent at the knees are raised. Each joint requires a minimum of 50 repetitions. In a sitting position, bend your knee, try to wrap your hands around your foot and, without opening your hands, try to straighten it. The number of repetitions can be very different, it all depends on the severity of the disease, on the stage at which the joint lesion has reached.

Such exercises, if performed correctly and consistently, result in the normalization of blood circulation, a certain relaxation, strengthening and complete restoration of muscles. In the process of exercising, the joint space increases significantly, which automatically leads to a decrease in pain and a stop of knee deformity.

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