How To Strengthen The Knee Joint

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How To Strengthen The Knee Joint
How To Strengthen The Knee Joint

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Joints are movable joints between bones that are designed to provide a person's mobility. But why are the elbow and knee bent only in one direction and at a certain angle? It turns out that the answer lies in the function of the ligaments, which limit the amplitude and in the joints direct the movement of the bones. Therefore, in order to strengthen the knee joint, one should start by strengthening the ligaments.

How to strengthen the knee joint
How to strengthen the knee joint


Step 1

Prerequisites that must be observed by a person starting to strengthen the knee joint: reduce the load on the knee joint, you can use elastic bandages that do not interfere with the blood supply, canes and other various methods that can "support" the joint and reduce the severity; Be sure to drink plenty of water, as water delivers many of the nutrients you need to restore your joint.

Step 2

Exercises that help strengthen the knee joints: The most accessible exercise is bending. When performing such an exercise, it is necessary to ensure that the back is bent only in the lumbar region. At the same time, try to touch the floor with your fingertips without bending your knees. It is necessary to slowly bend over, feeling the stretch of the buttocks and back of the legs. Only in this case can the maximum effectiveness of this exercise for strengthening the knee joints be achieved.

Step 3

Squats. To perform them correctly, without damaging the knees, you need to know the following: the exercise should be performed slowly, and the angle between the lower leg and thigh should not be sharp. Otherwise, at the moment when you begin to rise, a rather large load will fall on the muscle tendons, and instead of strengthening the knee joints, you can get muscle stretching. Also, the occurrence of acute pain should not be allowed. Exercise is effective only when a person feels slight discomfort, which occurs at the moment of high load and disappears when returning to the initial starting position. To strengthen the ligaments of the knee joints, it is best to spread the legs as wide as possible and expand the feet, which can provide the greatest stretching of the ligaments and muscles. At the lowest point, you need to lock in and count slowly to five. For a person unprepared for such physical activity, it will be quite enough to do 24 squats during the day. It will be better if you do 8 squats in the morning, 8 squats at lunchtime and 8 squats an hour before bedtime.

Step 4

You can even work on strengthening the ligaments of the knee joints just by sitting in a chair. First, lift the straightened leg, bend the foot as much as possible and hold the leg in this position for 3-4 seconds. Then do the same with the other leg.

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