Symptoms And Treatment Of Sarcoma

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Sarcoma
Symptoms And Treatment Of Sarcoma

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A sarcoma is a single tumor or a group of malignant tumors. They pose a great danger to humans, as they grow rapidly, growing into muscles, joints, tendons, lungs and liver, as well as bones and blood vessels. The sooner this disease is detected, the more chances the patient has for recovery.

Symptoms and treatment of sarcoma
Symptoms and treatment of sarcoma

Sarcomas are composed of immature connective tissue and have several characteristics in common with cancerous tumors: destruction of surrounding tissue, rapid growth, the appearance of metastases, and relapse after removal. Sarcoma differs from cancer in that it appears in connective tissue, while cancer spreads exclusively from epithelial cells.

Sarcoma can manifest itself anywhere on the human body and at any age. People after 40 are especially susceptible to it. Men get sick more often than women.

This disease manifests itself suddenly, against the background of general health. It is believed that factors that increase the likelihood of disease are carcinogens, excessive salt intake, ionizing radiation, hereditary predisposition, but there is no scientific data to support this hypothesis.

Sarcoma symptoms

This type of malignant tumors is characterized by a low-symptom course, since there are no pains, and the tumor itself looks like a benign one. The location can vary from the lower limbs to the head.

Most often, this is a rounded formation of a milky white or pinkish color. At the initial stage, a lymph node or subcutaneous area thickening may appear.

Sarcoma is characterized by rapid growth, ulceration, the appearance of a network of altered blood vessels as the tumor grows, and a gradual change in color to cyanotic.

In the area where the sarcoma appears, the body temperature may rise slightly.

Sarcoma treatment

Currently, there are no effective medicines and special drugs for this ailment. It is necessary to get rid of sarcoma surgically. With the rapid growth of the tumor, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are additionally carried out to curb the development of metastases and prevent relapses of the disease. To significantly increase the chances of complete healing, it is necessary to be treated with complex methods.

Excision of the tumor, if possible, is carried out with complete preservation of the organ, however, in the case of metastases growing into the bone or the nervous system, even amputation of the limb is possible.

As additional measures to maintain health during the period of treatment for sarcoma, you can use a salt-free diet, a healthy lifestyle and constant physical activity. A positive attitude helps a lot; to get it, you can use self-hypnosis and prayers.

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