Joint Treatment At Home

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Joint Treatment At Home
Joint Treatment At Home

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There can be several reasons for joint pain. For the correct selection of treatment, you need to consult a doctor. However, if the joints hurt, folk remedies are often also effective.

Joint treatment at home
Joint treatment at home

Joint pain is often a sign of serious chronic diseases in which cartilage tissue becomes inflamed and destroyed, so you need to see a doctor to undergo a full examination before starting treatment. But what if the joints have been sore for a long time, and the treatment does not help? In such cases, you can try traditional medicines that are effective for treating joints at home.

Joint ointment for home treatment

In the arsenal of traditional medicine there are many recipes for ointments for the joints of the hands and feet, allowing you to relieve pain with the help of improvised means. The following remedies are perfect for treating joints at home:

Cabbage with honey: ointment for joints

You need to take a fresh, juicy cabbage leaf and cut it with a knife so that the juice comes out. Heat the sheet over a stove flame, then brush with a thin layer of honey. Apply to the sore joint and make a compress overnight: put a piece of cellophane film on the cabbage leaf, wrap it with a warm scarf, secure with a bandage and leave overnight.

Bee moron from joint damage

Pour 0.5 liters of half a glass of beesworm. vodka. Insist in the dark for 10 days. Then filter and rub into sore joints before going to bed. You can also apply compresses if the joints in your arms or legs hurt. However, in this case, the tincture must be diluted with warm water 1: 1, in order not to cause skin burns.

Yolk and wax for pain: joint treatment at home

Mix and heat in a water bath the yolk of a chicken egg, one tablespoon of honey and beeswax (about a matchbox). Apply the resulting joint ointment to a clean cloth and apply to the sore spot overnight, making a compress.

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