How To Beat Arthrosis

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How To Beat Arthrosis
How To Beat Arthrosis

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Arthrosis of the joints is a disease that develops due to negative changes in the surrounding tissues: inter-articular cartilage, tendons. Its main symptom is pain. At the beginning of the development of arthrosis, it can be relatively moderate and appears only after severe stress on the joint. As the disease develops, the pain syndrome occurs more often and becomes stronger. In advanced cases, the pain becomes permanent and can lead to disability.

How to beat arthrosis
How to beat arthrosis


Step 1

At the first signs of the disease, consult a doctor, because the earlier treatment is started, the more chances that the development of arthrosis can be stopped. Do not expect it to hurt and pass.

Step 2

You can use drug therapy. The task of the doctor is to select the optimal painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for each individual patient, so that the treatment will give the maximum effect with a minimum of side effects. Topical agents (ointments, gels) are often used.

Step 3

In some cases, physical therapy works well. Procedures such as massage, warming up, UHF, electrophoresis, etc., can significantly alleviate the patient's condition.

Step 4

If drug therapy and physical therapy are ineffective, you can give the patient an intra-articular injection (usually a drug based on hyaluronic acid or from the group of corticosteroids). This procedure is carried out only as directed by a doctor in a medical facility. The therapeutic effect of one injection ranges from several months to one and a half years.

Step 5

Reduce the stress on the injured joint. If you are overweight, you need to take all possible measures to reduce it, use a cane when walking. It is necessary to avoid lifting and carrying heavy weights, not to be in an uncomfortable position. Perform a set of physiotherapy exercises as directed by your doctor.

Step 6

In the most severe cases, when arthrosis leads to disability, it is necessary to resort to joint replacement surgery. That is, instead of the previous joint, the patient is implanted with a prosthesis. With the modern level of medicine, in the overwhelming majority of cases, such an operation is successful, and very soon the former patient begins to lead an active lifestyle.

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