How To Cure Arthrosis Of The Knee At Home

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How To Cure Arthrosis Of The Knee At Home
How To Cure Arthrosis Of The Knee At Home

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How to cure arthrosis of the knee at home
How to cure arthrosis of the knee at home

Everyone is familiar with the complaints of elderly people about knee pain, crunching, inability to move freely. In medicine, this condition is simply referred to as arthrosis of the knee joint. You need to know what kind of disease it is, how to treat it at home, what folk remedies to use, what auxiliary methods and exercises will be needed to improve the quality of life.

Clinical picture

Arthrosis is a series of pathological changes in the body of the joint. It becomes thinner, deformed, the structure of the cartilage tissue changes. Arthrosis does not occur unexpectedly, the disease develops over the years. There are 4 stages of arthrosis:

  • Stage 1 - a pathological process at the cellular level, thinning of the joint. Asymptomatic.
  • Stage 2 - the beginning of the destruction of the joint. There is a crunch, pain, knee swelling.
  • Stage 3 - knee arthrosis progresses, its symptoms become pronounced, the patient experiences severe discomfort.
  • Stage 4 - destruction of the knee joint, disability, the need to replace the joint.

As a rule, the first symptoms appear in people after forty years of age (in women, 2 times more often than in men). However, today arthrosis has become younger, its symptoms are observed even in twenty-year-olds.


The main insidiousness of the disease is that at the first stage it does not manifest itself in any way, and the patient simply does not know about the problem. The second is characterized by discomfort, which the future patient does not pay attention to. Athletes attribute the pain and crunch that occurs to a heavy load, office workers - to sedentary work. As a rule, most people seek medical help as early as the third stage of the course of the disease, when severe pain and limited mobility appear.

Arthrosis is diagnosed by:

  • X-ray examination;
  • a clinical blood test (arthrosis of the knee joint of the 3rd degree can be diagnosed in this way);
  • visual inspection;
  • puncture of the knee fluid.

As a rule, a competent doctor can diagnose arthrosis by a specific clinical picture characteristic of a given disease.

Home treatment

The therapy is long-term and systemic. In any case, you should seek a doctor's appointment and be patient - rehabilitation can take years. For older people, treatment of arthrosis is often shown at home, age-related destructive changes in the joints medicine cannot stop. There is a chance for a complete cure in people up to 40-50 years old. The exception is the elderly, who completely changed their thinking and lifestyle and got rid of arthrosis (and other age-related diseases) at 70, 80, 90 years. So everyone has a chance to eliminate arthrosis of the knee joint. Home treatment involves: the use of folk remedies, medicinal ointments; diet; performing gymnastic exercises; wearing knee pads and other assistive devices (elastic bandage, for example). Naturally, the combination of all methods of treatment and rehabilitation gives a noticeable effect. They need to be considered in more detail.

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