How To Treat Arthrosis Deformans

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How To Treat Arthrosis Deformans
How To Treat Arthrosis Deformans

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Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes wear and tear of the intra-articular cartilage. It can be of various types, one of the most severe is deforming arthrosis, which manifests itself in strong changes in the articular ends of the bones, leading to excruciating pain and progressive dysfunction of the joints. It is completely impossible to cure this disease, therapy consists only in alleviating the manifestations of arthrosis and is carried out in a complex manner.

How to treat arthrosis deformans
How to treat arthrosis deformans


Step 1

With deforming arthrosis, various types of physiotherapy are used - microwave, ultrasonic, electrophoresis, exposure to currents, local barotherapy, application of heat carriers. All these methods improve the metabolism of cartilage, slow down joint deformation, prevent or relieve pain. The specific type of physiotherapy treatment is prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the stage and nuances of the disease.

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With deforming arthrosis, it is imperative to use special drugs - chondroprotectors. These drugs are prescribed by a specialist, they are drunk in courses. Chondroprotectors contain biologically active substances of cartilage, which improve the metabolism in the diseased joint, as a result, the process of its destruction slows down. There are many similar drugs, the particular one is chosen by the attending physician. Here are the most popular remedies: rumalon, artron, arteparon, mucartin, teraflex.

Step 3

With very severe pain accompanying severe forms of deforming arthrosis, inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes are prescribed. These are agents such as trasilol and gordox. They are injected into the joint every 2-3 days, mixed with hydrocortichone, but before that, an injection of diphenhydramine is given intramuscularly.

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Artificial joint lubrication is also used to treat deforming arthrosis. This allows the two joints to interact more painlessly with each other, as a result of which not only pain is reduced, but also cartilage deformation. Artificial lubricant is usually polyvinylpyrolidone or its 6% solution. Injections are given once a week, and polyvinylpyrolidone is mixed with hydrocortisone. The course is from a month to one and a half.

Step 5

With deforming arthrosis, it is important to speed up the metabolism in the affected joint. For this, various drugs are used, for example, phosphadenum or potassium orotate.

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