How To Keep Your Joints Healthy At 50

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How To Keep Your Joints Healthy At 50
How To Keep Your Joints Healthy At 50

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Joint diseases in most cases are associated with natural aging of the body and are almost inevitable. The cartilage tissue wears out sooner or later, which is accompanied by the onset of diseases. However, it is in your power to postpone the onset of the problem for a very long time. 50 years is the age when joint diseases only make themselves felt, and it is not too late to correct the situation.

Yoga can help keep joints healthy
Yoga can help keep joints healthy


  • - visit to the doctor;
  • - fitness classes;
  • - orthopedic shoes;
  • - drugs hondoprotectors;
  • - the Internet;
  • - literature.


Step 1

Get an ultrasound scan of the joints every year, even if nothing bothers you. The study is able to detect the disease at a very early stage, when you may still not feel symptoms at all. If you have older relatives with any type of arthritis, your regular check-ups are a must. Timely selected preventive therapy will help keep joints healthy for a long time. Do not start the course of other chronic diseases, among which diabetes mellitus most of all provokes arthrosis.

Step 2

Reconsider your attitude to exercise. If you previously successfully built a figure in the gym, as well as performed a daily run, at 50 it is time to take care of your joints and change the type of physical activity. Strength training and running strengthen muscles, but inevitably destroy joints. Keep the body in good shape with static loads (yoga, Pilates), do stretching, go in for swimming. There is also a special joint gymnastics, exercises from which are easy to find on the Internet or books. If you are overweight, get rid of it as it contributes to arthritis.

Step 3

Avoid shoes with both high heels and solid soles. Every step in high heels or in ballet flats inevitably destroys the joints of the feet, knees, hips and even the spine. Ideally, at 50, you should give preference to orthopedic models made from natural materials, especially since for a long time designers have taken care not only of the convenience, but also the beauty of such shoes.

Step 4

After consulting a doctor, take chondoprotective drugs in courses. Never trust the sellers of dietary supplements and other dubious drugs that their products can restore cartilage tissue, since this is impossible by definition. A high-quality hondoprotector can only stop the progression of the disease by activating the production of joint fluid.

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