Why Lemon Is Useful

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Why Lemon Is Useful
Why Lemon Is Useful

Lemon is an evergreen tree that belongs to the Rutaceae family. Its fruits, the pulp and peel of which have medicinal properties, are of great value for health.

Why lemon is useful
Why lemon is useful

Useful properties of lemon

Lemon contains a large number of nutrients:

- alkaline and organic acids;

- sugars;

- nitrogenous elements;

- various minerals and vitamins;

- phytoncides;

- pectins;

- essential oils.

Lemons contain a significant amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which has the ability to strengthen the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant.

To get rid of a severe headache, you need to apply a lemon peel to the temples and hold until a slight burning sensation appears on the skin.

This sour citrus also contains another important element for the human body - vitamin R. Its deficiency can lead to increased fragility of capillaries, subcutaneous hemorrhages, cause rapid fatigue and general weakness. In combination with ascorbic acid, vitamin P is able to reduce the permeability of capillary vessels.

To strengthen the teeth and gums, they are rubbed and rinsed with lemon juice.

Lemon has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, which makes it a reliable protector against some viral infections. Lemon juice is used as part of the complex treatment of influenza, acute respiratory infections, vitamin deficiency, hypovitaminosis, urolithiasis, gout, anemia, atherosclerosis.

Lemon peel infusion can be used as a rinse for oily hair. It not only regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands on the scalp, but also gives the hair a pleasant smell.

Pectins, which are part of lemon, are able to remove salts of heavy metals from the human body. This fruit is used to restore digestive processes and cleanse toxins.

Lemon is also popular in folk cosmetology. With its help, various skin rashes, acne are treated, and age spots are removed. Lemon juice is used as a light home exfoliation for facial skin. It is used to strengthen nails and whiten the nail plate.

Who is contraindicated in lemon

This bright sunny fruit is, unfortunately, not useful for everyone. It can sometimes cause severe allergies. Lemons should not be included in the diet for people with high acidity and stomach ulcers, so as not to provoke an exacerbation.

Sometimes the frequent inclusion of lemons and lemon juice in food can cause heartburn. For hypertensive patients and patients with pancreatitis, lemons should be consumed in limited quantities. It is not recommended to eat lemons for sore throat so as not to irritate.

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