How To Start A Cold Water Douche

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How To Start A Cold Water Douche
How To Start A Cold Water Douche

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Not everyone can start their day by pouring cold water, because for this you need to have willpower and even courage. However, the result of dousing depends not only on the moral attitude, but also on a number of factors that make hardening a really useful procedure.

How to start a cold water douche
How to start a cold water douche


  • - three buckets;
  • - bucket;
  • - towel.


Step 1

Dousing with cold water is local and general. If you start hardening immediately from the general, then you can not only experience discomfort, but also harm your health. If you are new to this business, then start pouring over gradually, this will help you get used to this procedure faster.

Step 2

Pour in several buckets of water in the evening and let it sit until morning. Water at room temperature is closer to body temperature, does not cause sudden cooling and unpleasant sensations.

You need to douse yourself with water in a calm state, so prepare everything you need in advance so as not to fuss in the morning. Place a towel, handy dipper, and slates next to the bathtub.

Step 3

Despite the fact that the douche is partial, it is better to do it while standing in the bathroom so as not to spray water all over the room.

Pour water first on the hands, and then gradually rise to the shoulders. Then wet your neck and legs. Wipe your face with cold water. This will be enough for the first day. Dry your body with a towel.

Step 4

The next day, pour water on not only your arms, neck and legs, but also your back. Pour the first bucket of water so that the water runs all over your body. Pour the second and third scoops onto the area of ​​the seventh vertebra. Don't try to pour a lot of water on yourself right away, even if you don't feel uncomfortable.

Step 5

In the next procedure, add a head wash. Tilt your head and pour the water over the back of your head. The water should drain behind the ears, onto the eyes and face. Dry your hair after the procedure.

Pour in this way for 7-10 days, gradually increasing the amount of water. During this time, the body will completely get used to it, and you can go from local drenching to general drenching.

Step 6

For general douche, pour one bucket of water on your head, one on your chest, and one on your back. Reduce the degree of water gradually every day.

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