How To Get Health And Longevity

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How To Get Health And Longevity
How To Get Health And Longevity

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Many scientists (for example, Academician I.P. Pavlov) at various times expressed the opinion that the human body and the resources inherent in it make it possible to live up to 100 years and longer. But a person, with his irresponsible attitude to his own health, inexorably reduces this period. Although the secrets of longevity are well known and easy to implement for almost everyone who wants to live happily ever after.

How to get health and longevity
How to get health and longevity


  • - correct diet;
  • - optimistic attitude;
  • - physical activity;
  • - love and sex;
  • - a conscious purpose in life.


Step 1

Eat in such a way as to unload your cells, observe the measure - not too much and not too little. If you are overweight, reduce the usual amount of food consumed by a third. Consider your individual and age characteristics when drawing up a diet. At the age of thirty, regularly include nuts and liver in the menu, and the first wrinkles will appear much later. After forty years, the body needs beta-carotene, which is found in large quantities in carrots. People in their fifties need calcium, which is good for bones, and magnesium, which is necessary for the heart. Therefore, eat more dairy products and hard cheeses, drink green tea.

Step 2

Proper organization of your workplace is also important for maintaining health. To avoid osteochondrosis, watch your posture, do not spend more than five to six hours a day at the computer.

Step 3

Don't forget that sex is a source of youth. Doctors believe that people who regularly have sex look 15 years younger, because when making love, the human body produces endorphins - "hormones of happiness." In addition, frequent sex strengthens the immune system, but safety measures should not be forgotten. It is best to have one permanent partner.

Step 4

A conscious purpose in life helps to live long. It is known that nature needs a person who acts, and not passively with the flow. Therefore, do not be manipulated. Those with high self-esteem are much less likely to suffer from stress and are less prone to various kinds of infections.

Step 5

Remember that life is movement. Exercise vigorously, even eight minutes of daily physical activity will significantly extend your life. Walking strengthens the cardiovascular system. During physical activity, growth hormones are released, the production of which decreases after age 30. Go for jogging, fitness, dancing. During your vacation, lead an active lifestyle - diving, skiing, swimming.

Step 6

Monitor your emotional state. Laugh, joke more often, try to look at life positively. Optimists live longer and better than pessimists, this has been proven by numerous studies.

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