Why Semen Can Smell Bad

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Why Semen Can Smell Bad
Why Semen Can Smell Bad

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By itself, the smell of male semen, like other human smells, is individual and depends on various factors. For example, some men have been given a certain smell of ejaculate from birth, in others it depends on personal intimate hygiene, in others - on the products they eat. However, none of the men are immune to the unpleasant smell of semen.

Sometimes the smell of male semen can affect a relationship
Sometimes the smell of male semen can affect a relationship

For most people, the perception of certain smells is completely different. That is why many people independently select for themselves, for example, perfume. What one likes may not please another. In other words, each person is different.

The smell of any person is also individual. In particular, the smell of male semen. Experts generally believe that it has a whole range of "shades", some of which are not entirely pleasant.

It is believed that the smell of male sperm depends on the race of a person. For example, eastern men "smell" more harsh than European men. There is an opinion that this is why Eastern men are more temperamental than Western ones.

Not only does the smell of ejaculate cause rejection, but it also spoils intimacy. As a result, serious problems arise in a man's sexual life, which can often affect his relationships with women.

Why sperm smells bad

First of all, this may be the result of a stressful situation. For some men, it is enough to be quite a little nervous, as their semen acquires a rather pungent and even pungent smell. Moreover, after several sexual intercourses, committed one after another, the smell of semen becomes insipid, which is also not very pleasant.

In some cases, male semen has an unpleasant odor in urogenital infections (Trichomonas, candida, ureplasma) and other diseases. Doctors say that similar problems arise with the abuse of smoking, alcohol, and certain foods (for example, spices, garlic).

Abnormal sperm odor can occur due to improper diet and the use of certain medications.

How to avoid bad semen odor?

If one of the men is seriously concerned about this problem, then the search for its causes should be started first of all with oneself. In other words, you need to pay attention to your intimate hygiene and, if necessary, take care of yourself in a more thorough way.

The "healthy" smell of semen is reminiscent of the smell of raw chicken protein. It is believed that sweet juices give male sperm a sweet aroma and flavor.

If maintaining personal hygiene does not help, you need to make an appointment with a urologist. This must be done as quickly as possible. It is he who will examine the penis and write out a referral for tests for urogenital infection. In addition, it will be necessary to pass a general urine test, as well as seeding ejaculate and urine for flora and antibiotic perception.

This is the only way to find out with certainty the cause of the unpleasant odor of semen. If this is a pathology, then the urologist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. By the way, do not forget about possible addictions to alcohol and tobacco, as well as about unhealthy diet (if any) and stressful situations. Perhaps this is where the "root of evil" lies.

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