What Are The Signs Of An Enlarged Liver

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What Are The Signs Of An Enlarged Liver
What Are The Signs Of An Enlarged Liver

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Hematomegaly is a symptom that manifests itself not only in the case of liver damage by cirrhosis, but also due to heavy loads on this organ. It is almost impossible to recognize a slight increase in the liver on its own, while in the acute stage, hepatic edema causes a number of characteristic manifestations.

What are the signs of an enlarged liver
What are the signs of an enlarged liver


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An enlarged liver or hematomegaly is an alarming symptom that shows that the liver is subject to destruction due to the presence of some kind of disease. In fact, hematomegaly is also observed in serious liver diseases, including the development of cirrhosis, and with the failure of this organ, and in cases where the body is prone to an infectious disease and an increase in size is a consequence of the work of this organ to filter toxins produced by bacteria.

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Depending on the degree of enlargement of the liver, as well as the specificity of the disease that caused such changes, the main manifestations may be different. The liver of a healthy person feels soft on palpation, and on examination, painful urges are not felt. At the initial stage, the enlarged liver feels hard on palpation and when pressed, the person experiences slight discomfort. A slight enlargement of the liver is not a cause for concern, especially if there is a concomitant cold disease.

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With serious liver diseases, including cirrhosis, the process of enlargement of the liver is more pronounced. In this case, the liver tissue swells, significantly increasing in size. On palpation, the liver is hard and painful. With severe edema, the liver causes discomfort in the patient, as there is a feeling of the presence of a foreign object under the ribs on the right side. In addition, sharp pains may appear during body movements.

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Severe hematomegaly also has external manifestations. There is slight bloating in the upper abdomen. The patient is tormented by nausea, bad breath appears, heartburn is possible. Skin symptoms are common, including petechial rash, flaky skin, and severe itching. With prolonged neglect of hematomegaly, ascites develops. This phenomenon is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. The fluid is released due to the fact that the enlarged and dense liver presses on the vessels of the organs, which leads to the release of fluid. Fluid in the abdominal cavity is often a factor in the onset of peritonitis, so we can say that an enlarged liver triggers a number of diseases.

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