Why Do Men Experience Impotence?

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Why Do Men Experience Impotence?
Why Do Men Experience Impotence?

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There are two types of impotence in men: psychogenic and organic. Depending on these types, the signs of impotence also differ, they have in common - the inability to carry out sexual intercourse.

Why do men experience impotence?
Why do men experience impotence?


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The psychogenic type of impotence can be caused by the presence of any disorder in the human nervous system, as well as prolonged depression. A sign of this type of impotence is its suddenness. In this case, the situation with potency can change every day, than seriously oppress the man. The reason for this phenomenon can be severe stress, the loss of a loved one or divorce, as well as failure in life.

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Organic impotence in men arises gradually, at first a man occasionally experiences setbacks, and it takes more and more time to achieve an erection, and over time, no effort helps to get ready for action. With this type of impotence, the attraction to women is completely preserved, the only thing is that in the event of an erection, ejaculation cannot be guaranteed, because the penis can suddenly go into a stage of relaxation.

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Any kind of impotence can occur in a man at any age and there are a lot of reasons for this. Improper nutrition and excess weight can significantly reduce potency. Also, impotence occurs with insufficient sleep duration, in which case everything is restored after a good rest.

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The appearance of impotence may be associated with the age of a man; with a smaller choice of sexual partners, he becomes less in demand. This can depress a man, lowering his arousal threshold.

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The biggest enemy for male potency is smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, which adversely affect the endocrine glands and lead to a decrease in the amount of testosterone produced in the male body.

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Also, impotence in a man can occur with a sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity or taking certain medications. If a man has had surgical interventions on the genitals or injuries, a state of impotence may also occur. Diseases such as diabetes mellitus or inflammation in the genitals or hormonal imbalances contribute to this condition.

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