The First Signs Of Liver Cirrhosis

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The First Signs Of Liver Cirrhosis
The First Signs Of Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver cirrhosis is characterized by a decrease in the number of liver cells and a restructuring of its structure. This is an irreversible process, therefore, in order to start treatment measures as early as possible, you need to know the first symptoms of the disease.

The first signs of liver cirrhosis
The first signs of liver cirrhosis


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The first symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver may coincide with the symptoms of other diseases of this organ. You should be alert if you experience pain under the right rib or in the epigastric region. In this case, the pain can increase after physical exertion, the use of alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy foods. Painful sensations are associated with an increase in the size of the liver.

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With cirrhosis of the liver, itching of varying intensity may begin. It arises in connection with the accumulation of bile acids in the patient's blood.

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The first signs of the disease include stool disorder, which occurs in most cases after eating fatty foods. Bloating, nausea, vomiting are not excluded. When cirrhosis of the liver is combined with varicose veins of the esophagus, blood may be present in the vomit.

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A patient with liver cirrhosis has increased irritability and fatigue. In addition, the mouth may taste bitter and sometimes feel dry. In women with cirrhosis, the menstrual cycle is often disrupted, and in men impotence develops.

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In addition to such symptoms, with cirrhosis of the liver, external signs of the disease can also be observed. First of all, this concerns a sharp weight loss. A sick person, unexpectedly for himself, begins to lose weight, up to exhaustion and muscle atrophy. In this case, the face and limbs suffer the most. On the legs, together with exhaustion, an edematous condition develops.

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If we are talking about a sick child, he has a lag in physical and sexual development. The growth of such children is usually much lower than that of healthy peers.

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Cirrhosis of the liver may be indicated by a yellowish color of the skin and mucous membranes, which can have a shade from light yellow to bronze. In addition, the skin can peel off a lot.

Step 8

Spider veins appear on the chest, arms and abdomen of a patient with cirrhosis. But especially often they are localized on the wings of the nose and in the corners of the eyes. Sometimes asterisks can bleed.

Step 9

In connection with disturbances in the exchange of estrogen, an increase in the mammary glands can be observed. Also, with cirrhosis, the tongue swells and turns red.

Step 10

External manifestations of the disease are detected by a specialist during examination. However, the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis is carried out not only on the basis of the existing symptoms. After examination, the patient is assigned a urine test, biochemical blood test, ultrasound of the liver, fibrogastroduadenoscopy. Based on the results obtained, a final diagnosis is made.

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