How Folk Remedies Help With Colds

How Folk Remedies Help With Colds
How Folk Remedies Help With Colds

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For colds, even doctors recommend to be treated with folk remedies, and sometimes we forget about them, we strive to buy antibiotics. Meanwhile, there are antibiotics, and antipyretic, and expectorant, and remedies that restore the body after a cold, given to us by nature.

How folk remedies help with colds
How folk remedies help with colds

If unpleasant symptoms occur, the body immediately needs to provide powerful support - take as much vitamin C as possible. There is a lot of it in lemon, white cabbage, kiwi, rose hips, sea buckthorn, black currant and bell pepper. Therefore, you need to make up the entire diet on the first "cold day" from these products. However, if you are taking medications containing aluminum, then it is better not to drink them yet - vitamin C is incompatible with aluminum.

The second condition that will ensure a quick recovery is drinking plenty of water. With honey, lemon, fruit drink with jam or rosehip broth will saturate the body with moisture and help remove toxins, bring down the temperature. You need to drink 1, 5-2 liters of liquid in a warm form. It is better not to get carried away with hot water, as it will destroy vitamin C.

* With a runny nose, it is very good to make such drops for yourself: squeeze out 3 drops of onion juice (grate on a fine grater and squeeze through a bandage), add 3 drops of vegetable oil and 3 drops of thick tea leaves. Instill into the nose with a regular pipette (start with 1 drop). This remedy pierces the nose very well and helps to cure a runny nose faster. If the product is too harsh, reduce the amount of onion.

* A sore throat requires softening, so rinse it as often as possible with decoctions of chamomile, sage or warm water and soda. One exercise has come to us from Indian culture, which helps to increase the exchange of blood in the throat, and this is very important: the inflamed blood leaves, and new clean blood enters the cells, displacing microbes. They do it like this: you need to sit up straight, stretch your arms in front of you, open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Now say "ah-ah" and count to 8 and sit still, also counting to 8. Repeat 8 times. The exercise is very funny, so it not only heals, but also improves mood.

* An old grandmother's recipe will help with coughing: take a large white radish, cut a large depression in it, put a spoon or two honey there (the more, the better). After 5-6 hours, a liquid will appear in the radish, which children need to drink 1 tsp. 4-5 times a day, adults the same, but in the dining room. With a sore stomach, follow the reaction to this medicine, but in general it has practically no contraindications, it is given to children from one year old. If the juice is needed faster, the radish is simply grated and poured with honey. However, it is noticed that the effect is better from the first method.

* There is no better remedy for temperature than tea with linden blossom or tea with raspberries. I drank, wrapped myself up warmer, and after 30 minutes you can already change your clothes, because the sweating is very strong. There is another tried and tested method: apply a thin layer of honey on the chest, cover the chest with a film and wrap the body. In an hour, not a trace of honey will remain - it will be absorbed all over, and the temperature will drop. Express method for very quick removal of temperature: mix water and vodka 1: 1 (0.5 cups each), wet a sheet or a large piece of cloth in this solution, wrap a person with this cloth and hold for 10 minutes - the temperature should decrease. The method is good if the temperature rises quickly and is already very high.

If you think that antibiotics are indispensable, use the forces of nature. A natural antibiotic - St. John's wort, which helps with all inflammatory diseases. Brew and drink like tea - that's the whole treatment.

And one more tip: before going to bed, put a plate with halved onions next to the bed. During sleep, you will breathe air with phytoncides that kill germs. It has been noticed that this method helps to cope with colds faster.

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