Why Does Blood Sugar Drop?

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Why Does Blood Sugar Drop?
Why Does Blood Sugar Drop?

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Various factors lead to a violation of the composition of the blood. An increased sugar content is usually called hyperglycemia, a relatively low level - hypoglycemia. In order to prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to normalize the indicators.

Why does blood sugar drop?
Why does blood sugar drop?

Signs of low sugar

Average blood sugar levels range from 4.5 to 6.3 mmol / l, given that the analysis is taken on an empty stomach. After eating, the indicators change significantly. If the indicator falls below 3.0 mmol / l, then it should be increased by optimal methods.

The state of health of a person with low glucose is characterized by fatigue, poor coordination of movements. After drinking sweet tea, the state is normalized, since the carbohydrates contained in the food increase the sugar level. For a certain period of time, the symptoms disappear, and efficiency increases.

This is due to the fact that carbohydrates are consumed quickly enough.

Low blood sugar is accompanied by fainting due to spikes in glucose levels.

Both high and low sugar levels are dangerous for the human body.

Visual function is impaired, headaches appear, the number of heart contractions and pulse becomes more frequent, sleep is disturbed, irritability and anger appear. In severe cases, hypoglycemic coma occurs, which leads to impaired brain activity and death.

The main reasons for low blood sugar

Among the main causes of hypoglycemia are:

- prolonged absence of food or insufficient amount of it;

- unbalanced food;

- taking certain medications;

- excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;

- pathologies and disorders in the liver;

- high physical activity;

- hormonal disorders in the body.

In the presence of diabetes mellitus, a decrease in glucose levels occurs against the background of an excessive amount of insulin in the blood. Also, skipping meals or overworking the body can provoke a decrease in sugar. It is necessary to eat regularly in the morning, afternoon and evening, alternate between work and rest.

Hypoglycemia treatment

A slight decrease in sugar does not require special treatment. It is enough to eat food containing carbohydrates and glucose. The easiest way to recover is to eat 1-2 tsp. Sahara. You can also drink sweet tea, honey diluted in water, grape juice, berry juice to get rid of the effects of falling sugar.

In more severe cases, a doctor's consultation is necessary. When a coma occurs, the patient is immediately hospitalized to normalize blood counts with medication.

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