How To Treat The First Signs Of A Cold

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How To Treat The First Signs Of A Cold
How To Treat The First Signs Of A Cold

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If you feel unwell, sore throat, weakness, then you should use folk remedies, simple and accessible to everyone. They can help you get rid of the first signs of a cold and make you feel much better.

How to treat the first signs of a cold
How to treat the first signs of a cold


Step 1

Drink tea with honey or lemon before bed. Then wrap yourself up well and go to bed. You will sweat well overnight and feel better in the morning.

Step 2

Also prepare an infusion to be taken before bedtime. Take two bay leaves, three black peppercorns, three cloves, and a pinch of cinnamon. Pour all this with a glass of boiling water. Cover with a terry towel and let it brew for half an hour. Then strain through cheesecloth and add two tablespoons of honey and the same amount of vodka to the resulting infusion. Drink a warm infusion and go to bed. In the morning you will be able to observe the positive effect.

Step 3

If you feel an unpleasant sore throat, a painful condition, then inhale with herbs. Take two to three tablespoons of chamomile and sage. Boil water and add herbs to it. Sit over a saucepan, cover yourself with a blanket or towel and inhale the fumes. But be careful not to get scalded by them. This procedure can be carried out only in the absence of an elevated temperature.

Step 4

Brew two teaspoons of chamomile with boiling water, let it brew for fifteen minutes and gargle with this infusion.

Step 5

Eat as much raw garlic and onions as possible. They help well in the fight against harmful microbes.

Step 6

Boil a glass of milk, add one teaspoon of honey and butter to it and take a little while hot.

Step 7

Drink hot tea with raspberry jam, or add dried raspberries and black currants to boiling water. This will give you strength and help your body cope with the first symptoms of a cold.

Step 8

If you are unable to stock up on dried berries, you can use blackcurrant sprigs to prepare a healing infusion. But they need to be boiled for a long time, for three hours. To prepare it, take one hundred to one hundred fifty grams of twigs, pour a liter of water and boil over low heat. Take half a glass of this drink before bed.

Step 9

Go to the bathhouse and steam it well (at normal temperature).

Step 10

If it is not possible to go to the bath, take a hot bath with the addition of eucalyptus extract or make such a foot bath.

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