How To Cure A Cold Without Medication

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How To Cure A Cold Without Medication
How To Cure A Cold Without Medication

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Colds are caused by hypothermia. Sore throat, general malaise, runny nose and cough, sometimes fever. Symptoms do not appear overnight, and do not go away immediately. So? runny nose and cough can last up to 3 weeks. However, it is quite possible to cope with a cold without taking antibiotics, antipyretic drugs.

How to cure a cold without medication
How to cure a cold without medication


  • - warming water procedures;
  • - inhalation;
  • - vitamin teas;
  • - medicinal herbs.


Step 1

Don't fight the temperature. Fever is a powerful defense reaction of the body, which produces its own interferon, which neutralizes a viral infection. Knocking down the temperature suppresses the body's defenses.

Step 2

If your feet are wet and cold, make a hot foot bath at home, or even better, take a hot shower, and inside - a hot drink.

Step 3

Use steam inhalation to facilitate nasal breathing. Moreover, you can use not only decoctions of medicinal herbs, but also ready-made pharmacy essential oils of fir, lavender, sage, lemon.

Step 4

For rubbing, use ointments based on essential oils - turpentine ointment, garlic, mustard oil.

Step 5

Combine local remedies with vitamin teas. Use the fruits and leaves of black currants, raspberries, strawberries, red and chokeberry. Brew calendula, nettle, elderflower and lime blossom. You can prepare an infusion from one plant, or using several different components. Add a spoonful of honey to vitamin tea.

Step 6

It is also recommended to drink tea with ginger and cinnamon, red hot wine with honey and a drop of cinnamon essential oil, take chopped garlic, with the addition of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and honey, filled with boiling water.

Step 7

Supplement the treatment by taking medications from ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, Rhodiola rosea, Zamaniha, Leuzea, Eleutherococcus. The combination of alcoholic preparations of adaptogen plants with vitamin teas is especially effective.

Step 8

Observe bed rest for 2-3 days. The combination of herbal medicine, good nutrition and a gentle regimen is very beneficial for a quick cure for a cold.

Step 9

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the condition improves after 3-4 days, full recovery occurs only after 15-20 days. Help the body. Do steam inhalations with salt, soda, essential oils, and medicinal herbs at night. Also, continue to take vitamin teas for at least 3 weeks. Include foods rich in carotenoids in your diet - carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn and carrot juice. Eat more dried fruits, sauerkraut, seafood in winter.

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