How To Deal With Obesity In The Liver

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How To Deal With Obesity In The Liver
How To Deal With Obesity In The Liver

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Fatty hepatosis, or fatty liver, occurs primarily in people who consume alcohol in excess. However, it often happens that fatty liver is diagnosed in people who are practically indifferent to alcohol.

How to deal with obesity in the liver
How to deal with obesity in the liver

There are many reasons for the appearance of fatty hepatosis: there is a genetic predisposition, metabolic disorders, and overweight (as well as hobbies for strict diets that encourage the body to store fat in reserve). In any case, fatty liver should be fought.

How to treat fatty hepatosis

To get rid of fatty liver, first of all, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of a reasonable diet. Food such as fatty meat, lard, smoked meats, as well as fatty dairy and fermented milk products should be completely excluded from the diet, or at least as much as possible reduced. Replace them with lean meats (such as lean beef, chicken) and fish. Try vegetable oil instead of butter. Especially useful is olive oil obtained by the first cold pressing method.

Likewise, reduce your intake of sweets, baked goods based on wheat flour, honey, grapes and other foods rich in high-calorie and fast-digesting carbohydrates as much as possible. Instead, eat vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and pectins, rye flour or bran bread. It is better to abstain completely from alcoholic beverages, especially strong ones. Of course, sometimes you can step back from such strict restrictions, for example, at a family holiday. But even there, try not to pass on or drink too much alcohol, remember reasonable moderation.

In addition, try to make it a rule: do not eat food in the evening, after 19-00. If you are experiencing severe discomfort from hunger, eat something low in calories, it can be a carrot, an apple, and a glass of low-fat kefir is also suitable.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to exercise. Do morning exercises. It is a good prophylaxis against fat storage in the liver.

How can you help with fatty liver

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can perform the procedure for cleaning the liver using oat broth, infusions of tansy, celandine, and yarrow. A mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil very effectively cleanses the liver. This method has contraindications, so you must first consult your doctor and strictly adhere to the procedure! If the obesity of the liver has led to its chronic inflammation, it is necessary to take medications, for example, Essentiale-Forte, Karsil.

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