What To Do If A Child Has Streptoderma

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What To Do If A Child Has Streptoderma
What To Do If A Child Has Streptoderma

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Streptoderma is a group of infectious diseases that affect the upper layers of the skin. It is most common in children because their skin is more vulnerable than that of an adult.

What to do if a child has streptoderma
What to do if a child has streptoderma

Streptoderma symptoms

With streptoderma, thin-walled vesicles appear on the patient's skin, surrounded by inflamed skin and filled with a clear liquid. These formations rapidly increase in size, the liquid becomes cloudy, turning into pus. Then the blisters burst, and yellow crusts form in their place. This process is accompanied by unbearable itching and burning, so patients, especially children, scratch the affected areas, preventing the healing of wounds. The most commonly affected skin is the face. Streptoderma can be confused with urticaria, eczema, shingles and atopic dermatitis, so self-medication for this disease is unacceptable.

Causes of streptoderma

The causative agent of the disease is streptococcal infection. Infection occurs through the contact-household route, in contact with the carrier of the infection or the patient. In summer, streptoderma is provoked by injuries of the skin (including abrasions), lack of personal hygiene; in winter, infectious diseases of the ENT organs are added to these reasons. Often children and people with weakened immunity, who experience chronic stress and systematic overwork, suffer from streptoderma.

Often, massive outbreaks of streptoderma occur in kindergartens and primary schools. The reason is that this infection is extremely contagious, and it can be impossible to determine the beginning of the infection. The incubation period is 7-10 days, everyone who was in contact with the patient at this time is at risk and may get sick. In such cases, the institution should be quarantined for 14 days, and the premises, toys, linen should be thoroughly disinfected.

How to treat streptoderma in a child?

Children often infect themselves with dirty hands and toys. When the first signs of the disease appear, you need to consult a dermatologist so that he can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a comprehensive treatment. If necessary, antibiotics, multivitamins and fortifying drugs are prescribed. During illness, bathing is prohibited, and during this period, plain water cannot be used for washing, as this provokes an exacerbation of streptoderma.

You can treat streptoderma on an outpatient basis, for the treatment of the skin, the doctor prescribes a solution of brilliant green or Castellane paint, to relieve inflammation and itching - ointments with an antibacterial substance. The drug "Fukortsin" is quite effective.

Prevention of streptoderma

To avoid infection, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene, treat dishes, toys and clothes well with detergents with the addition of disinfectant solutions. In case of skin injuries, it is imperative to treat with antiseptic solutions, trim the nails of children in time.

Proper nutrition, daily routine, walking in the fresh air and prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases are of great importance.

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