What May Back Pain On The Left Indicate?

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What May Back Pain On The Left Indicate?
What May Back Pain On The Left Indicate?

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Pain in the left side of the back can be the result of diseases of the spinal column, nervous system, muscles or internal organs. To establish an accurate diagnosis, other symptoms must be examined in detail.

What may back pain on the left indicate?
What may back pain on the left indicate?

Pain in diseases of the spine and nervous system

Myofascial syndrome is a painful tension in the muscles of the spine. It occurs due to overloading of the muscles of the spine. For example, a person was in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Also, this kind of pain appears after a back injury. The pain is located on the side of the spine, intensified by pressing on tense muscles. The intensity of the pain varies, from mild to prolonged and severe, causing anguish. It does not change with movement, but increases with hypothermia and overwork.

Back pain on the left may be due to sciatica. In this case, the nerve roots of the spinal cord are affected. The pain comes on suddenly, it is sharp and piercing. In addition to the back, it extends to the limbs. Attacks when lifting weights or after hypothermia, subsides at rest. Sometimes it even hurts to take a deep breath. Sciatica can affect different parts of the spine. With the defeat of the lumbar spine, the pain radiates to the leg, chest and cervical - under the scapula and into the arm.

Left-sided prolapse of the intervertebral disc can occur after a fall, excessive physical exertion, after a series of minor accidental injuries. Acute pain comes on suddenly and gets worse with every movement. It is accompanied by a feeling of numbness and "goose bumps". Usually, treatment is conservative. But if the numbness is significant and is combined with urinary or stool incontinence, surgery may be necessary.

Left-sided scoliosis of the spinal column develops due to physical exertion, improper posture, muscle weakness, and excess weight. It is characterized by varying degrees of curvature of the spine. The pain occurs with excessive physical exertion, sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable position.

Left-sided pain in diseases of internal organs

Pyelonephritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the renal tubule system and renal calyces. With left-sided pyelonephritis, the pain is located on the left in the lumbar region and above. Characterized by a sharp increase in body temperature up to 39-40 degrees. Weakness, severe headache in the forehead and eyes are noted. The patient is attacked by the strongest fevers. The pain is dull, aggravated by inhalation and beating on the back.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the glandular tissue of the pancreas. It hurts on the left below the shoulder blades if the tail of the gland is affected. The patient is constantly nauseous, but vomiting does not bring relief. Dry mouth and hiccups are noted. The abdomen is swollen, the abdominal muscles are in constant tension. In the later stages, the pressure decreases, the temperature rises, and the skin becomes gray.

Urolithiasis - cause acute pain lasting up to an hour, intolerable and stabbing. It pierces the space from the left side of the back to the abdominal cavity; a change in body position does not help. The cause of pain is damage to the mucous membrane by stones or spasm of the ureter.

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