How To Treat A Cold Back

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How To Treat A Cold Back
How To Treat A Cold Back

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Back pain can be caused by colds or viral diseases. Only a neuropathologist can determine the exact cause of the pain and prescribe the necessary treatment based on the results of the examination.

How to treat a cold back
How to treat a cold back


  • - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - turpentine ointment;
  • - balm "Golden Star";
  • - honey;
  • - raspberries;
  • - sea salt;
  • - coniferous extract;
  • - woolen blanket.


Step 1

If the pain starts late at night, apply a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointment to your back, take an aspirin tablet, or an NSAID. See your doctor right away in the morning. Self-medication is unacceptable. Pain can be caused by inflammatory kidney disease, so relieving only pain and ignoring the examination and doctor's recommendations can lead to serious consequences.

Step 2

After a comprehensive examination, if the doctor did not detect kidney disease, pinching of the sciatic nerve, and the pain is caused by muscle spasm, which happens most often, if the back is blown out, you will be prescribed a course of NSAID treatment, if necessary, physiotherapy will be prescribed.

Step 3

Steroid, hormonal drugs are prescribed as the main therapy for pinching the sciatic nerve, which often occurs against the background of colds. When the sciatic nerve is pinched, the pain can be so severe that the patient loses the ability to move independently and is hospitalized on a stretcher.

Step 4

At home, take a daily bath with sea salt or pine extract. Reception of warming baths is possible only at normal body temperature. If the temperature is elevated or you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, bathing is strictly contraindicated.

Step 5

If you have a bacterial infection, you will be prescribed antibiotics. The course of admission, doses will be selected by your attending physician based on the results of laboratory tests.

Step 6

Use alternative methods of treatment as an auxiliary therapy, having previously received the recommendation of a doctor. Rub your back with turpentine ointment, wrap with a woolen blanket, drink tea with raspberries or honey. Warming up procedures are best done before bedtime.

Step 7

The Chinese balm "Golden Star", which contains essential oils and medicinal plants, has a distracting and anti-inflammatory effect, helps to relieve back pain and inflammation.

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