How To Distinguish Low Back Pain

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How To Distinguish Low Back Pain
How To Distinguish Low Back Pain

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Sudden low back pain can put a person who has not encountered this problem before into a stupor. It is difficult to immediately determine the exact reason for the pain, and, therefore, it is not clear what measures to take.

How to Distinguish Low Back Pain
How to Distinguish Low Back Pain


  • - warming cream;
  • - medical checkup


Step 1

If the pain in the lumbar region is caused by an injury, i.e. it arose after a fall from a height or a sharp blow from the back, or after carrying heavy loads, it is necessary to first exclude a fracture or herniated disc, as well as various injuries of the intervertebral ligaments and joints. This can be determined by a traumatologist or surgeon. Therefore, the patient must be taken to a medical facility. If the person cannot walk on their own, call an ambulance.

Step 2

Listen to the pain. The appearance of a herniated disc can be recognized by the following symptoms: acute "shooting" back pain that spreads to the thigh and the entire leg up to the base of the foot. Lying on your back or on your side with slightly bent legs can help relieve pain.

Step 3

The appearance of a pulling sensation in the lower back, accompanied by a temperature, can be caused by inflammatory diseases of the kidneys. In order to be sure what exactly caused the described symptoms, turn sharply to the side. With kidney disease, the pain will not worsen. Also for inflammation of the kidneys, it is characteristic that the patient cannot lie straight, he wants to arch his back and turn over on his side.

Step 4

Radiculitis and osteochondrosis is characterized by the fact that the pain increases during movement. In this case, it is impossible to turn to the side or straighten your back straight.

Step 5

Eliminate mechanical causes of pain. So, the lumbar region can hurt after sleep, if the sick person fell asleep in an uncomfortable position or on an uncomfortable bed. Pain arises after prolonged exercise due to stretching or overextension of the back muscles. Low back pain associated with unusual physical activity is especially common. In this case, the back begins to ache within a few hours after the load.

Step 6

In any case, unless the pain is caused by an uncomfortable sleeping position or overexertion of the back, see your doctor so that he can prescribe the correct treatment. If your back hurts from fatigue, rub it with a warming ointment or balm.

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