Keeping Your Mind Clear In Retirement

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Keeping Your Mind Clear In Retirement
Keeping Your Mind Clear In Retirement

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The famous American gerontologist Gene Cohen proves that the human brain is much more flexible in old years than in youth. Unfortunately, the intellect and memory of the majority of pensioners deteriorate significantly. But it is quite possible to maintain clarity of mind in old age. You just have to not be lazy!

Pension is not a sentence! Brain training helps you enjoy life for a long time
Pension is not a sentence! Brain training helps you enjoy life for a long time

Pros of an aging brain

Why do people who are whitened with gray hair give wise advice much more often than young people? Not only because of my rich life experience. According to research by American and Canadian neurosurgeons, the brain of an elderly person works more perfectly.

His left and right hemispheres are kind of twin brothers. One is an Analyst who accepts and stores in memory only visual, auditory information. The other is the Creator, who is responsible only for feelings, intuition, and the ability to fantasize.

But such a clear delineation of functions after 60 years disappears, and an elderly person can connect both hemispheres of the brain to solve tricky tasks. It is enough just to tilt your head slightly to the left and to the right.

Scientists claim that intelligence flourishes around 70 years old. Because by this age, the brain produces a maximum of myelin, due to which electrical impulses are quickly transmitted from one neuron to another. And the intellectual potential of a person can increase to astronomical figures: up to 3000%.

Don't let your brain get lazy

Scientists offer dozens of tips on how to improve memory and thinking skills. They are effective, widely available, and really helpful.

1) Put your brain to work! Give him new and unusual tasks. For example, do with your left hand what you always do with your right, and with lefties, vice versa. Try to change your routes, walk along previously unknown streets. Try foods, spices, drinks with a new taste for you. Breathe in yet unexplored scents. Read a book or newspaper upside down. Feel free to be a little bit curious, curiosity is an important property of the brain.

2) Drive your gloomy thoughts away! Bright, optimistic thoughts calm the brain, negative thoughts cause anxiety and drive a person into depression. Avoid loneliness, communicate more with people. Try to smile and laugh more often, because in the process of laughter, the hormones of happiness endorphins are produced, which prolong life.

3) Lie less on the couch watching the TV, especially in the afternoon. Overcoming pain, move more, walk on foot. With physical activity, the brain is in good shape.

4) Sluggish circulation makes it difficult to concentrate on your thoughts. Therefore, do not stay in one position for a long time. Try not to hunch down - with a straight posture, you think better.

5) Don't work for hours in the sweat of your brow - be sure to take breaks. Remember: taking a break of only 5-10 minutes not only restores your ability to work, but also refreshes your brain.

6) Let games become your new hobby. Not necessarily chess or checkers. Let it be cards, lotto, even board games for high school students. Sea battle or tic-tac-toe, finally. Games boost your mood and keep your brain busy.

7) Do an experiment with yourself. Observe and write down on paper what you most often forget to do from what was planned. Concentration also needs to be trained, it significantly improves the efficiency of the brain.

8) Observe also and determine what hours you are most focused and your mental work is most effective. Plan important things for these hours.

9) Not everyone, of course, can write memoirs. But almost everyone can keep a diary. Daily, even very short notes, activate brain cells well.

10) Remember the existence of aromatic oils. Invigorate the oils of mint, lemon. Geranium and rose oils help to relax. A few drops on a handkerchief are enough.But you can inhale these aromas, making sure that you are not allergic to this or that oil.

11) The brain needs vitamins and minerals. Eat more fruits and raw vegetables. Make it a rule to eat an apple every day. Bananas and chocolate are good for your mood. Honey and walnuts are especially beneficial for brain cells.

12) In old age, cerebral circulation deteriorates in many. After consulting your doctor, take courses of drugs to improve it, "Fezam", for example, "Cavinton", "Picamilon" or "Mexidol".

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