How To Stay Healthy In The North

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How To Stay Healthy In The North
How To Stay Healthy In The North

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Life in the Far North is a daily struggle to preserve your health. The harsh climate, lack of sunlight and vitamins lead to serious changes in the body, and in case of inattention to oneself - to serious diseases, often incurable. It is especially hard for those who are not indigenous to the North. Moving to a new region, they carry with them the old way of life, which in these conditions is unacceptable

How to stay healthy in the north
How to stay healthy in the north


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Diseases of the digestive system are the most common in the North after diseases of the circulatory system and cancer. Digestive processes in extreme conditions proceed more slowly, therefore, the system developed by the local population should be taken as the basis for proper nutrition in the North. The researcher of the North Y. Mezun writes in his works: “The natives use a large amount of meat and fish for food. This contributes to the formation of a lipid type of energy metabolism in them. The European type of balanced diet is characterized by the use of a large amount of carbohydrates in food. Lipid metabolism is more expedient in the Far North”. Thus, the basis of a northerner's diet should be products obtained from the nature of the region: fish is the main protein resource, venison is a source of essential amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, berries (cloudberries, lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries, shiksha) are a storehouse of vitamins. At the same time, it is worth neglecting imported fruits - it is not known where grown and picked green, they will not bring much benefit to the body.

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Do not forget that northern fish and reindeer meat are a favorite habitat for parasites that are most dangerous to human health. Always carefully inspect fish and meat, do not eat raw or half-baked fish, and grill the kebab well. When preparing homemade preparations, be especially careful, give preference to heavily salted fish and caviar.

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A sedentary lifestyle caused by a prolonged cold winter and a short warm period is one of the main factors in reducing immunity, developing diseases of the circulatory system and many other problems. In the north, it is especially important to go in for sports, increase physical activity. Send your child to the sports section, go in for sports yourself, go to the rink even in cold weather, ride down the hill with your baby, temper, the immunity of the northerners is much weaker than the immunity of the inhabitants of the middle lane, strengthen it!

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A decrease in daylight hours associated with polarity in the North, and, as a result, prolonged exposure to artificial light leads to early visual impairment. Make time for eye exercises and prevent your children from reading books under the covers!

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For people adapted to living conditions in the Far North, moving to the south and abrupt climate changes are extremely harmful. At such moments, all your strength is spent exclusively on adapting to new conditions, so the body cannot benefit from the resort. Choose regions with a mild climate for recreation, avoid hot countries, give preference to the periods most favorable for your body - spring, velvet season, early autumn. Do not neglect your health!

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