What Does A Sore Throat Look Like?

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What Does A Sore Throat Look Like?
What Does A Sore Throat Look Like?

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Sore throat is a common problem not only in children, but also in adults. In order to properly and effectively fight this ailment, you need to know what a sore throat looks like and what causes this pain.

What does a sore throat look like?
What does a sore throat look like?

What is the difference between a sore throat and a healthy one?

To understand what a sore throat looks like, you need to know exactly what a healthy one looks like. A healthy throat is light pink in color. The tonsils should be the same color.

If you notice white bloom, enlarged tonsil bumps or a reddish-burgundy tinge of the throat, and all this is accompanied by pain when swallowing, this can be cause for concern. Redness of the throat is not considered a sign of illness only if the person sang or shouted.

Is it possible to cure a sore throat on your own?

Few go to the doctor if they have a sore throat. As a rule, everyone immediately runs to the pharmacy, which sells a great variety of drugs for sore throat. People buy something on the advice of a pharmacist and go to work with peace of mind. It's good if you guessed right with the medicine, and after a couple of days it became easier. But it also happens in another way. The person takes a course of expensive drugs, but the improvement does not come. He goes to the pharmacy again, buys another drug, and the pain does not go away again. And it turns out that money and time were wasted, unnecessary medications were drunk, and as a result, banal inhalations or rinsing helped. And all because the disease was not correctly diagnosed.

There is no one-size-fits-all drug for a sore throat. Sore throat can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungal infections. For each case, you need a special medicine.

If you only notice redness in your throat, but you still don't want to see a doctor, start with rinsing with decoctions of herbs and a gentle diet. Solid, spicy, cold and hot foods should be temporarily excluded from the diet. Do not take medications on your own, especially antibiotics! You may not know for sure if the pill will help you, but it is quite possible to cause allergies or damage the liver.

If the sore throat is very severe, there is a white coating on the tonsils, and all this is accompanied by a fever - it can be tonsillitis or acute tonsillitis. In this case, you cannot do without a doctor. Angina itself is not terrible, its complications are terrible, for example, inflammation of the kidneys or heart muscle.

Many people with a sore throat ignore a visit to the doctor, explaining this by a lack of time and a lot of work. But, in fact, much more time and effort will be spent on self-medication. In addition, you can get complications and infect other people. Therefore, a sore throat is a reason to visit the clinic and a way to avoid health problems.

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