What Can Cause Male Infertility

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What Can Cause Male Infertility
What Can Cause Male Infertility

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Lately, too many people suffer from the fact that they cannot have children. This disease is called infertility, and it affects both men and women.

What can cause male infertility
What can cause male infertility

Required examination

World statistics have estimated that about 60% of men on the planet are infertile. Unfortunately, many of them think about it, being married, having previously tortured their wife by sending her for numerous tests. Of course, it is necessary to undergo an examination together, but it is easier for a man to do this.

If he is the first to undergo the examination, he may save his wife from some tests.

So, to find out about the causes of male infertility, you need to consult a urologist or andrologist. By masturbation, a man receives sperm, under a microscope, the necessary analysis is carried out - a spermogram. A man recognizes the quality of his sperm by its results. A spermogram will show what caused infertility - cell pathology or hormonal changes in the body. The doctor will receive the necessary information on sperm, calculate its volume, the number of motile sperm, and identify sperm with an intact structure.

The patient will be told in detail about the results of the analysis.

Causes of male infertility

What influences male productivity? There are several known factors that cause male infertility:

- harmful environmental conditions, radioactivity;

- a consequence of a viral disease - mumps, or in the folk way "mumps";

- inflammation of the reproductive system (inflammation of the testicles, prostate, inflammation of the epididymis);

- everything that can cause overheating of the scrotum (bath, sauna, tight underwear, hot bath);

- taking anabolic steroids, exercising too hard, can lead to overheating of the genitals, which will affect productivity;

- lack of quality nutrition, especially vitamin C and zinc;

- varicose veins of the spermatic cord (this problem is solved with the help of a surgical operation);

- prolonged sexual abstinence, outdated spermatozoa are not able to move quickly and become incapacitated;

- genital infections;

- pesticides, heavy metals and radiation;

- excess weight;

- alcohol, alcohol abuse leads to testicular atrophy;

- a course of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, long-term use of anabolic steroids and antibiotics.

There are factors of male infertility that are not yet known to science, but their percentage is very small. Nevertheless, specialists have a wealth of experience in solving this male problem, and Chinese specialists are especially successful in this.

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