How To Conceive A Child With A Saddle Uterus

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How To Conceive A Child With A Saddle Uterus
How To Conceive A Child With A Saddle Uterus

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The saddle uterus is an anomaly in the development of this organ. It is characterized by an expansion of the transverse dimension, as well as a flattening of the bottom. Often, the saddle uterus becomes the cause of primary infertility, pregnancy pathologies, and postpartum complications.

How to conceive a child with a saddle uterus
How to conceive a child with a saddle uterus

Conception, pregnancy and childbirth with a saddle uterus

The saddle uterus is a type of bicornuate uterus. The cause of such an anomaly is considered to be an intrauterine malformation of the fetus. It appears as a result of alcohol and drug dependence of the mother, smoking, taking medications during pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, thyrotoxicosis. The mother's infectious diseases can provoke the appearance of a saddle uterus in a fetus: influenza, scarlet fever, rubella, measles, syphilis, toxoplasmosis.

Sometimes the cause of the development of pathology is fetal hypoxia - a chronic lack of oxygen.

The saddle uterus does not show any symptoms. In most cases, it does not affect the ability to become pregnant in any way, it will not be difficult to conceive a child. In order for all the sperm to successfully reach the cervix, the most suitable position is the classic position - lying on your back. If the deformation of the organ is weak, the attachment of the egg occurs in the same way as in the uterus of a normal shape. Infertility can be talked about when the saddle shape of the uterus interferes with the attachment of the ovum to its wall.

If, with this pathology, it is not a problem to become pregnant, in this case it becomes difficult to preserve the fetus. A deformed organ is able to provoke premature birth, a low-lying fetus, early placental abruption, placenta previa, low placentation. In these cases, the risk of miscarriage is high. During childbirth, the saddle uterus can cause discoordination (disruption of labor), therefore a cesarean section is recommended. In the postpartum period, there is a high risk of serious bleeding, which can be fatal.

Saddle uterus treatment

Correction of a defect in the structure of the uterus is possible only by surgery. The operation is prescribed if the saddle shape of the uterus becomes the cause of infertility or miscarriage. In most cases, the intervention is carried out by the method of hysteroscopy through natural ways, while incisions are not made on the body. As a result of such an operation, the probability of conception and the normal course of pregnancy increases tenfold.

A slight change in the shape of the uterus does not affect the course of pregnancy.

If it was possible to conceive a child with a saddle uterus without resorting to surgical correction of the organ, a woman should follow the necessary recommendations, starting from an early stage of pregnancy. It is believed that at a short time, the deformed organ does not affect the course of pregnancy. However, at the slightest worsening of the condition, hospitalization is needed. In case of identified complications in the saddle uterus, antispasmodics, progestogens, sedative herbal remedies are prescribed, which will maintain the good condition of a woman during pregnancy.

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