How To Get On The Free Eco

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How To Get On The Free Eco
How To Get On The Free Eco

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Many childless couples in Russia have a chance to become happy parents through federal and regional funding. However, there are a number of restrictions on in vitro fertilization quotas. Who is eligible for IVF?

How to get on the free eco
How to get on the free eco


Step 1

Contact your gynecologist or antenatal clinic for a list of medical indications for free IVF. In the event that you are not yet 40 years old, you can get to IVF at the expense of the federal and regional budget if you have the following diseases:

- tubal infertility;

- peritoneal infertility;

- tubal-perinetoneal forms of infertility.

If you are married, you may also be referred for free IVF if your husband has azoospermia or hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Some regions include other forms of infertility on this list.

Step 2

Check out the list of factors that hinder referral to IVF. Usually the list of contraindications is as follows:

- if the woman is over 40 years old;

- if the woman (spouses) does not have permanent registration of the Russian Federation or the region where the IVF co-financing program is adopted;

- lack of permanent sources of income;

- the presence of severe forms of gynecological diseases (endometriosis, uterine fibroids);

- the presence of any chronic diseases in which the normal course of pregnancy is impossible.

Step 3

Go to the website to find out if your region is included in the list of subjects of the Russian Federation, where quotas for free IVF are adopted, in addition to the federal ones, as this will affect how quickly your turn will come. Check out the procedure for referring citizens to IVF in your area.

Step 4

Get a referral for free IVF from your gynecologist or antenatal clinic for submission to the Department of Health. In addition to the referral, you will need the following documents:

- certified copies of significant pages of the passport (passports of both spouses);

- OMS policy (s);


Step 5

After examining your documents, the Department of Health will send you to the Family Planning Center for an in-depth examination to clarify the diagnosis and form a package of documents for IVF. After the examination, your documents will be submitted to the Commission of the Department of Health for a final decision on the issue of sending you to IVF.

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