How To Stop Dramatic Weight Loss

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How To Stop Dramatic Weight Loss
How To Stop Dramatic Weight Loss

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It so happens that a person begins to lose weight without objective reasons. If weight loss is critical, you need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

How to stop dramatic weight loss
How to stop dramatic weight loss

Dramatic weight loss. Reasons and ways to stop

With minor weight loss, the main causes are most often the following.

Spine problems. Scoliosis, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with digestion and metabolism, can have an impact on both of these processes. If the areas of curvature affect the places where the digestive system or the thyroid gland are located, significant pressure is exerted on the internal organs, which causes their deformation.

In this case, you need to seriously engage in posture correction, and over time, metabolism and digestion will stabilize, and body weight will return to normal.

The second, often encountered problem of excessive thinness is diseases of the stomach and intestines, since when they are present, food is absorbed much worse, and the body does not always receive the necessary calories and proteins. At the same time, the amount eaten does not in any way affect the cessation of weight loss, which, without appropriate treatment of the stomach, will only increase.

Another reason for a sharp decrease in body weight may be an excess of cortisone, which is produced by the adrenal glands and is responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates from proteins. Therefore, if this substance is present in the body in excess, increased nutrition will not help, cortisone will convert all protein into carbohydrates, and weight will continue to decrease.

Stopping weight loss and restoring weight

You can counteract weight loss by changing your diet and adding only healthy foods to it, which will help to gain muscle mass and the fats the body needs. Be sure to include grains and legumes on the menu, as many fruits and vegetables as possible, including potatoes, as well as dietary meats rich in light proteins, such as chicken, fish, rabbit and veal.

You also need to include in the diet rice, pasta, bread and butter or nut butter.

Another important condition for normalizing weight and metabolism is regular nutrition. To stop weight loss and then gain it, a person needs not only to eat densely three times a day, but also to snack properly in between meals, for example, bananas, which are one of the most high-calorie fruits. You also need to give up drinks like tea, mineral water and coffee, replacing them with milk and natural fruit or vegetable juices.

If normalization of nutrition does not help, and weight loss begins to take critical forms, it is imperative to consult a doctor, as this can be a symptom of a serious life-threatening illness.

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