Pregnancy After Forty

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Pregnancy After Forty
Pregnancy After Forty

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A woman with a baby in her arms is beautiful at any age. But having dared to give birth after 40 years, you should be more careful about your health. If the pregnancy is planned, then it is advisable to prepare for it in advance for both the woman and the man.

Pregnancy after forty
Pregnancy after forty

The process of women's emancipation, once launched, has led to the fact that, within the framework of modern society, they have to, on an equal basis with men, and sometimes much more successfully, achieve high financial income and civil service positions. The stake on a good education and career growth is so high that the feeling of motherhood either fades into the background, or is dulled altogether.

Childbirth after forty years - pathology or norm

Many young women are not only unable to quit their jobs and raise children due to their official duties, but they do not feel the need for this. Realization of oneself as a mother comes quite late and statistics state that the first childbirth at 40 and later becomes commonplace. Although a few decades ago, pregnancy after 35 was considered late.

Even if public opinion is favorable to such a course of events, then nature cannot be fooled. Doctors are convinced that for the female body, such a global restructuring in adulthood is still fraught with negative consequences, because natural reproductive functions are at the stage of extinction. The work of the ovaries does not occur at such an intensive pace, and the number of pathologies in the eggs at the genetic level increases. Irreversible changes also occur in the tissues of the uterus, indicating its aging. If pregnancy after 40 does not end with an early miscarriage, then there is a risk of complications of the birth itself.

But gynecologists state an interesting fact of an increase in climacteric age. As if nature is meeting women who are late with motherhood. If earlier, having married at the age of 15-16, a woman managed to give birth to a dozen children before the age of 40, then menopause at this age was considered the norm. Today, a woman's reproductive system ends its work in the period from 47 to 53 years, and sometimes even later, if hereditary factors contribute.

Late pregnancy: pros and cons

I must say that getting pregnant at this age is no longer easy, so if the long-awaited pregnancy has come, it makes sense to fight for its preservation. Despite the formidable warnings from doctors about possible complications during gestation and childbirth in a woman over 40 years old, with the help of modern medical advances, most cases end happily. However, due to weak labor, the birth of a child occurs with the help of a cesarean section.

Late childbirth in women who have already given birth, but for some reason delayed the appearance of a subsequent baby, is considered quite positively. Psychologists note that mature age allows the mother to take the birth of a child more responsibly and carefully. Parents who are wise with life experience pay more attention to the upbringing and development of their child than young married couples. Therefore, statistics confirm that older parents have more developed children.

As for the physical health of a pregnant woman over 40 years old, doctors advise to carefully prepare for the upcoming birth. Especially if, giving all of herself to work, the expectant mother blew it up. Examination, regular intake of vitamin complexes, moderate physical and mental stress, a positive attitude will help to give birth to a full-fledged healthy baby. It is unlikely that the matter will be limited only to traditional visits to the doctor; additional consultations of narrow specialists will be needed.

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