How To Lose Weight And Not Diet

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How To Lose Weight And Not Diet
How To Lose Weight And Not Diet

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Most people who are overweight do not like themselves in the mirror. It would seem that the way to lose weight is simple - you need to eat less. But not everyone is capable of making the body suffer from a decrease in the usual amount of food.

How to lose weight and not diet
How to lose weight and not diet

Despite the fact that food is a lot of pleasure, its action is quite insidious. Snacks throughout the day, full lunches, and heavy dinners can have a huge impact on weight. It is worth giving yourself a little slack, and now extra pounds appear. It may not be so easy to return to the previous state.

Not everyone has enough willpower to limit their food intake. But if you are not going to achieve an ideal figure, but only want to lose weight a little, you can get by with simpler methods.

Rules to follow in nutrition

Try not to skip breakfast. If you constantly neglect your morning meal, the risk of getting fat increases several times. Those who cannot swallow a bite in the morning should try to drink at least a cup of green tea.

Control your drinking regime. Within a month, you can easily burn 5-8% of subcutaneous fat by drinking a few cups of green tea on an empty stomach. Drink freshly squeezed juice or at least a glass of water before every meal. This will suppress your appetite a little, and you will eat less food. Water also greatly reduces the amount of fat in the body. When drinking water less than one and a half liters per day, the kidneys gradually reduce their activity, and then completely shift their work to the liver. If the body does not get enough water, the liver will have to work with double stress.

Reduce your salt intake. Its excess will lead to the retention of water in the body, and this contributes to weight gain. Instead of the usual seasonings, try to use fresh peppers and lemons, tarragon, herbs. Give up dried fish, canned soups, semi-finished products.

Change your lifestyle

The sleep rate for a person is eight hours a day. Those who sleep less create an imbalance in the body, which leads to faster weight gain.

Take your time to swallow food. Everything that gets into the mouth must be chewed 8-12 times. The body gets used to the fact that during a meal we make a certain number of chewing movements. When you chew food longer than usual, the stomach has an "illusion" that a large amount has been eaten.

Physical activity is an indispensable part of any diet. Combine physical activity with your daily activities. You can replace bus travel with walking. Walk up the stairs, abandoning the elevator, and approach the TV to switch channels, and not press the button on the remote control.

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